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ABC Diet Plan, a Brief Guide Into Hellish Eating

If you are into healthy eating or have already surfed through the Web in pursuit of finding a good diet, you are most likely to have heard of ABC diet meal plans. It is one of the popular diets, however, it has much controversy around it. Some claim that it is a killing dietary regimen, while others achieved great weight loss results. This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of the ABC diet, and give your unbiased feedback about it.

What’s the ABC Diet?

ABC diet plan is short for Ana Boot Camp dietary regimen. It entails consuming meals that begin with the letters A, B, and C. For instance, you may consume asparagus, and apples from the A category. Beans, bouillon (chicken), and black caviar from the B category. And, celery, carrots, as well as other vegetables from the C category. As you could see, it is some kind of a joke, or satire because who plans to eat real black caviar, one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, as a diet ingredient? Still, many people took it all seriously and even lost weight.

Another key feature of the plan is its audience. It became a must-follow dietary plan among anorexia forums where girls and boys sought the quickest ways to lose weight. And, do you know what? The ABC diet food was all intended to make one anorexic. Followers strived to become very-very thin as if the wind could blow them. There were even forum discussions where girls and boys shared photos of demonstrating chests with visible bones or arms with visible veins. It was all a standard of beauty a decade ago. People who followed a plan did not care that possible anorexia acquired from the ABC diet was a serious psychiatric condition, not a lifestyle that inspires great feelings.

Let’s now dive into the basics of the ABC plan.

ABC Diet Plan

The ABC Diet Weight Loss: Eating Regimen

The ABC Diet is a 50-day regimen divided into five distinct stages. During those 50 days, the diet promises to significantly increase one’s body’s metabolism, which aids in weight reduction. However, due to the restrictions that people place on their bodies with this plan, it is only a good option for the short term nature. If you follow the entire 50-day regimen, you will realize that your body is being deteriorated on all fronts.


  • Days 1-2: 500 calories
  • 3: 300
  • 4: 400
  • 5: 100
  • 6: 200
  • 7-9: 100
  • 10: 0 calories – so-called fasting


  • 11: 150
  • 12: 200
  • 13: 400
  • 14: 350
  • 15: 250
  • 16: 200
  • 17: 0
  • 18: 200
  • 19: 100
  • Day 20: 0 calories


  • 21: 300
  • 22: 250
  • 23: 200
  • 24: 150
  • 25: 100
  • 26: 50
  • 27: 100
  • 28: 200
  • 29: 800
  • 30: 0 calories


  • 31: 250
  • 32: 350
  • 33: 450
  • 34: 0 calories


  • 35: 500
  • 36: 500
  • 37: 450
  • 38: 400
  • 39: 350
  • 40: 300
  • 41: 250
  • 42: 200
  • 43: 250
  • 45: 200
  • 46: 300
  • 47: 200
  • 48: 150
  • 49: 150
  • 50: 0 calories

As you could see, this diet is extremely poor in nutritional value. An approximate diet plan you will be committed to following is:

  • You must ingest 20 grams of carbs for two weeks, not more and not less;
  • You should consume only 20 grams of meat, poultry, fish, butter, and cheese. They should be all low in calories. Abstaining from pork or fatty cheese is necessary;
  • Fruits, milk, cereals, bread, and other high-calorie vegetables must be avoided at all costs;
  • Some followers of the ABC diet also focused on drinking instant coffee whenever they wanted to eat. Based on their belief, the hot liquid filled their stomach and allowed them to feel energetic. But, it was massive damage on the heart too;
  • After two weeks, you can add 5 grams of carbohydrates to your eating plan. After that, the maximum carbohydrate consumption is 90 grams.

On most occasions, you should extensively focus on protein-rich foods. Besides, alcohol is not prohibited. It sounds strange, right? But, then, you should never go to bed after your final meal but stroll a little bit.

The ABC diet results after 50 days greatly vary. Based on the forum’s feedback, some followers lost 22 and more pounds. On the other hand, some died because they were already thin and did not require any dietary adjustments. Finally, some people continued following the plan for 100 days and longer. And, some stopped the diet, resumed their previous eating habits, and multiplied the weight they lost during this “hell-marathon.”

Final ABC Diet Tips

Now, after reviewing this unfortunately-still popular plan, let’s provide you with some tips.

  1. Try to abstain from following this diet because it promotes unhealthy leanness and death if you don’t return to normal eating;
  2. Try to speak to your healthcare provider whenever you seek the right plan for your particular case;
  3. If you follow this diet, ensure to take health supplements or vitamins that will help you maintain your skin, hair, and bones healthy – however, again, with this plan, everything will go wrong.

These three ABC diet tips are concentrated on preventing you from following them. Nowadays, there are many healthier diets like Keto, Paleo, and others. They are all recommended by doctors and won’t damage your body or cause anorexia. If you follow the ABC diet and experience side effects, please seek medical help! It might be the signal that your body is giving.

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