Which Is Better Microwave or Air Fryer?

Many housewives have long made their choice in favor of modern kitchen devices, which can save a lot of time. In the market, you may find a wide range of equipment, such as blenders, mixers, electronic scales, shakers, etc. In the last few years, such a versatile device as an air fryer has become very popular. It is ideal for cooking at home.

However, what is the air fryer vs microwave main difference? It is supposed that these are similar in function kitchen units. But in practice, these are two completely different devices, each of which has certain pros and cons. In order not to be mistaken and buy what you will really use, let’s take a detailed look at how an air fryer differs from a microwave and what are the pros and cons of each. Careful study of the material will allow you to make the right choice.

Difference Between Air Fryer and Microwave

The air fryer is a new generation household electrical appliance designed for heat treatment of various food products. The modern air fryer can easily replace the oven, pan, and other traditional appliances. During the operation, it uses the flow of hot air, which occurs due to the design of the device. The standard complete set of the device includes:

  1. The case is from plastic or stainless steel.
  2. Tray for products.
  3. Heating element.
  4. Ventilator.

air fryer vs microwave

The microwave is a household electrical appliance for quick cooking, heating, or defrosting of food. Do not think that you can only heat or defrost food with the help of a microwave oven. It allows for cooking truly delicious and time-consuming dishes. This useful kitchen appliance is also called a microwave oven due to the fact that it works on ultra-high frequency radiation. Almost all models of microwaves have a basic design, which includes:

  1. A chamber made of special alloys, in which food is placed for cooking, heating, or thawing.
  2. Doors of special design that do not allow radiation to go beyond the camera.
  3. Ventilation holes.
  4. Electronic control unit with an external panel.
  5. Air ducts.
  6. Rotary roller and glass plate for products.
  7. Magnetron.
  8. Reduction motor.
  9. Ventilator.
  10. Elements of electrical circuits.

Cooking Process

The food placed in the bowl of an air fryer is heat-treated with a stream of hot air, which circulates evenly under the action of the ventilator.

Due to its versatility, the appliance not only cooks french fries but also cooks, heats, and bakes various other products. This is significant to understand for everyone who wants to know about the air fryer vs microwave health impact. Food is prepared without oil, but you can use it if you wish. In any case, the food will not be too greasy because the excess drains into a special tray. The finished dish is always appetizing and delicious. It is dietary and, therefore, benefits human health. Considering all the positive aspects of the appliance, it is possible to conclude that if you have an air fryer in the house, other household devices for cooking become unnecessary.

Using an air fryer, you can create any culinary masterpieces. A short list of what to cook from the available and most popular products is as follows:

  • Fries or baked potatoes.
  • Dishes from all kinds of vegetables.
  • Meat steaks, cutlets, meatballs.
  • Battered, fried, grilled fish.
  • Fried or baked mushrooms.
  • Various pastries (casserole, pies, rolls, cupcakes), etc.

In order to conclude whether is air fryer better than microwave, consider the rules that should be followed when cooking in the microwave:

  • Divide the products. The cooking time differs greatly, so it is desirable to sort the ingredients. For example, peeled potatoes will be cooked for about 12-15 minutes at 850 watts, and Brussels sprouts – for only 4-5 minutes.
  • Cut into small pieces. It is possible to reduce cooking time by cutting products into rings or dividing them into small cubes. This method is relevant for combined dishes: duck with apples, egg casserole with vegetables, and meat with potatoes.
  • Make punctures in the products with a fork. Products covered with film or shell must be punctured. Otherwise, excess pressure builds up inside, the surface bursts, and all the pulp scatters along the walls of the device. Such products include potatoes, tomatoes, sausages, liver, eggs without shells, apples, etc.
  • Mix and turn the products. The speed of heating and cooking products also depends on their location. Thicker and larger pieces should be placed closer to the edges, tender and thin – in the center. With this arrangement, the ingredients are prepared at the same time, as the heat concentration at the edges is higher. If you are going to cook stew, stir the dish regularly, and if casserole or pies – periodically turn the products over.
  • Use additional attributes. The use of a number of auxiliary attributes is allowed. Waxed paper is used to cover food to avoid unnecessary grease splashes. The use of wet paper towels when baking vegetables will not allow the ingredients to dry out and preserve their unique taste. It is also possible to use a special foil to replace the cover. However, this solution is allowed only in the mode of grill and convection.
  • Give the dish a rest. Leave the food for 5-10 minutes after cooking. During this time, all internal processes will be completed, and the dish will be filled with nutrients.

All cookware for a microwave oven must be heat-resistant to withstand high temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. Frying pans, trays, and pots made of thick glass or ceramics are the perfect solution. Preference should also be given to round and oval containers in which the ingredients will be heated evenly.

air fryer vs microwave health

Cooking Speed

The analysis of microwave vs air fryer characteristics shows that the average cooking time for most dishes in an air fryer is only 20-30 minutes. The advantage is that the user can independently adjust the cooking time, as well as the temperature. As for the microwave, the minimum cooking time is usually 30 seconds, and the maximum is 95 minutes. As mentioned above, different foods take different amounts of time to prepare. However, 15-20 minutes is usually enough to cook delicious food.

Energy Consumption

The more powerful the air fryer, that is, the larger its bowl (for example, 8 liters), the more it will consume electricity, and the smaller the bowl (for example, 1.5 liters), the less electricity is consumed because the dish is cooked faster. On average, the indicator of electricity consumption by the device is 6 kW per hour. To be more precise, it should be noted that for 30 minutes of using the air fryer, approximately 3 kW is consumed, 15 minutes – 1.5 kW, 7 minutes – 0.8 kW, 3 minutes – 0.4 kW. 5 minutes, a temperature of 177 degrees, and a bowl capacity of 6-8 liters is enough to cook 1 kg of french fries, or meat cutlets, as well as potato chips.

As for a microwave oven, the consumption of electricity directly depends on its power. On average, it consumes from 0.7 kWh to 1.2 kWh per hour. If the entire time of using a microwave oven is one hour daily, then you spend from 4.9 kWh to 8.4 kWh per week and as much as 19.6 kWh to 33.6 kWh per month.

What Is the Advantage of Microwave?

In a regular oven, heat is produced by electric heaters or gas burners and slowly penetrates the food from the outside to the inside. Thus, there are significant heat losses when heating the air, oven accessories, and utensils. In a microwave, heat is generated inside the dish, heating it from the inside to the outer surface. Thus, heat loss does not occur because air, walls, and utensils are not heated by microwave waves.

In general, the device has the following advantages:

  • Save cooking time: overall time is reduced by ¾ compared to a conventional oven.
  • Ultra-fast defrosting of products, which prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Saving electricity.
  • Preservation of nutrients due to short cooking time.
  • Easy to clean.

What Is the Disadvantage of Microwave?

The main drawback of a microwave is the increased background of electromagnetic radiation. In the air fryer vs microwave radiation aspect, the air fryer undoubtedly wins since it does not emit radiation.

The spread of radiation outside the microwave housing is possible only after prolonged or improper operation. Another disadvantage is the unusual taste of dishes that differ from those cooked on a regular stove or in the oven.

The microwave is not very economical in terms of electricity consumption. For example, grilling power of at least 1,000 watts is necessary to fry meat or potatoes well. In addition, the number of recipes is quite limited. Using this kitchen appliance, you cannot fry with lots of oil, boil eggs, or cook large pies with delicious fillings.

What Is the Advantage of Air Fryer?

All products cooked in the air fryer are prepared by circulating hot air inside, due to which the products are covered with a uniform crispy crust, and the consumption of frying oil is reduced by 80%. This is the main advantage of this kitchen appliance and a direct answer to the question “Is an air fryer healthier than a microwave?” that worries many today. The app will be suitable for those who follow their diet but cannot give up their favorite treats. Shrimp, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and other delicious snacks will now be easy to prepare at home, and their taste will not be inferior to dishes in popular establishments.

The air fryer is completely safe to use because it has no exposed parts that you can accidentally touch and which can burn one or another part of your body. The device is easy to care for. It consumes little electricity and is quite compact.

microwave or air fryer

What Is the Disadvantage of Air Fryer?

Among the drawbacks of the app are the following:

  • The taste of products may be slightly different from that cooked on the stove or in the oven with the use of oil.
  • The cost of this device may seem inflated for some clients. Nevertheless, there are many models available at a price, among which everyone will find the right one.
  • Prepared food may not be enough for a large family. However, it is possible to select models with a bowl volume of 8 liters or more and solve this problem.
  • Need to study the guidelines before use. This will ensure the correct and efficient application of the device in the future.

Which Is Healthier Air Fryer or Microwave?

Answering the question “Is an air fryer better than a microwave?” it seems appropriate to consider which of these apps is healthier. There are three key aspects to consider here:

  1. Using the fryer, you can get dietary and healthiest meals. As for the microwave, there is also such an opportunity, but only if there is a built-in grill, which is far from always the case.
  2. In the air fryer, products are cooked by heating evenly to a particular temperature. In the microwave, dishes are cooked under the influence of light. So, the air fryer is safer and more useful in this regard.
  3. Since cooking in an air fryer occurs evenly, juicy and tasty food is obtained, and useful substances are preserved, which is not always provided in a microwave.


So, the air fryer vs microwave review illustrates that these kitchen appliances have several key differences. Each device has its pros and cons, which were discussed in detail above. The choice of a microwave or air fryer is up to your goals. You should understand why you need a particular appliance, and then you will make the right choice.


Is Air Fryer Safer Than Microwave?

Air fryers are safer since they don’t emit radiation while cooking.

Are Air Fryers Healthy in 2023?

Air fryers are considered healthy 2023 because they allow cooking a variety of dietary and healthy foods with minimum oil content.

Can an Air Fryer Replace Microwave?

An air fryer cannot replace the convenience as well as the method and speed of cooking that a microwave oven provides.

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