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Top 5 Best Asian Meal Kit Delivery Services on the Market 

Cooking takes so much time. You need to perform many steps to get your dinner or lunch done. It’s necessary to find a recipe, go shopping, buy all the required ingredients, and cook the meal. Is all this effort worth a single dish on the table? If you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, it’s time to enjoy the meal delivery kits at home.

What’s meal delivery, and why do people use it? There are tons of perks you can draw from ordering food online. First of all, you save time on the whole cooking process. You can either reheat the meal or cook it with all the needed ingredients at home following a recipe. It asks for less effort and time resources. It’s always a tasty choice, and you don’t need to bother yourself with the ideas to feed the family.

Asian meal prep delivery is even harder to do at home. Asian cuisine has so much flavor that’s achieved through adding various national spices and unique ingredients. How do you find time to cook the recipe so that the taste is original? You don’t need to with the Asian meal kit delivery. It’s the best way to enjoy your favorite type of food at home. Let’s see the best Asian food kit services found on the web.

Top 5 Asian Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Why is Asian food so popular? What’s so special about the food? This is a unique combination of flavors, textures, and smells. If you try any dish from Asian-style cuisine, you will never forget the unique taste of the food. Unfortunately, finding all the ingredients and copying the recipe at home is pretty complicated. In this case, it’s better to order Asian meals delivery online.

Blue Apron Short Overview

Blue Apron main page

You might have heard about Blue Apron already. It’s a popular meal delivery known for the quality of the ingredients and services. But does it serve Asian-style food? Yes, you can find lots of meals with a mind-blowing taste. What’s so special about Blue Apron, and why do people order more from the company?

  • Users choose the company for the convenience of use. You don’t need to go grocery shopping or develop the recipe.
  • On the website, there are tons of recipes and ideas to cook. In addition, you can find different meal combinations to meet the preference of the pickiest clients.
  • The prices are reasonable. You pay for the quality of the services, a wide range of ingredients and recipes, friendly online support, and on-time delivery.

You can order a weekly meal plan and enjoy the food at home. It’s a convenient and affordable food service for Asian cuisine lovers.

Meal Plans

Blue Apron is a meal prep Asian food service where you can find interesting positions. It could be spicy rice with meatballs, curry, lemongrass, noodles, wonton soup, or miso recipes. There are plenty of Asian-style food options for the customers of the website.


The price for the weekly plan is calculated based on the recipes you choose for your basket. The prices are pretty reasonable. You need to pay about $10 per serving. In some cases, the price goes higher, but the taste and service are worth it. You will pay for the fresh ingredients, on-time delivery, and the taste of the Asian food boxes.


Delivery services are always done on time. You order the meal plan on the site, managers send the request, and you get your food on the desired date to your door. In some cases, it’s necessary to cover the shipping fee if you don’t reach the minimum order price.

SunBasket Short Overview

SunBasket main page

Let’s get to another Asian meal delivery service. This is a well-known food delivery service that users can try online. You may wonder how a regular meal delivery company can offer Asian food. But there are plenty of recipes you may try here.

  • The recipes are easy to cook. There are tons of cuisines and plans to try. But they don’t take much time to prepare.
  • The ingredients are said to be clean and fresh. So you will get a high-quality set of products to cook the meal.
  • You can save your time because the company sends you all the necessary ingredients. So there’s no need to go grocery shopping. And the time needed to cook the meal is about 30 minutes or even less.

It’s an excellent option for busy people who want to enjoy fresh and tasty recipes but don’t want to spend time in the kitchen.

Meal Plans

SunBasket isn’t exclusively an Asian food delivery service. But there are lots of Asian food options here. You may try Asian salmon wraps with lettuce and lemongrass. There are also spicy kimchi and cheddar pancakes. Different types of rice, beans, peas, and other Asian-style vegetables are available on the website. You can enjoy Asian food at home.


The prices are a bit higher than we discussed previously. You will have to pay about $12 per serving. And the cost of the dish could be even higher, depending on the type of the recipe. But the flavor is perfect. Users agree that SunBasket Asian style meal delivery is worth all the money.


You can order seasonal-style food every week. There’s a weekly delivery option for the customers. The ingredients come in insulated boxes. They stay fresh when you take them out of the box.

Dinnerly Short Overview

Dinnerly main page

If you want to taste the actual Asian meal prep, you should try Dinnerly. Users who have already ordered food from the service are delighted with the final results. Dinnerly doesn’t offer merely Asian-style recipes. But there are tons of variations you can try to meet your Asian-style meal cravings.

  • It’s an excellent service for busy people or those customers who hate spending their time in the kitchen. The recipes are simple and don’t require much time to cook.
  • The cost of the services is lower than in the competitors. If you try the Asian meal prep services first, Dinnerly would be a nice start.
  • The number of recipes is impressive. You may open the website and find what you like the most.

The number of dishes in the Asian style is also considerable. If you love eastern cuisine, it’s your perfect time to place the order and enjoy the impeccable taste of the food. Let’s see what meal plans the company may offer to its clients.

Meal Plans

Dinnerly offers different dietary and non-dietary food options. But if you’re here for the Asian meal kit delivery, you need to try these recipes.

  • Go for all the different varieties of noodle soups. They come in all sizes, meat and noodle options.
  • You can try shrimps with vegetables or other seafood options.
  • Stir-fry veggies, meatballs, and rice are also famous among the clients.

As you can see, the number of Asian-style recipes may impress the pickiest food lovers.


The price is average. You will have to pay about $11 per portion. The weekly plan may cost you less or more depending on the number of dishes and portions you choose. The prices are quite affordable. You can try a lot of food combinations made from fresh ingredients at home.


Delivery services may cost you some money if you don’t reach the minimum order price. But it’s not a considerable sum. The orders are shipped on time. You can set the date and receive the meal at your door while doing other things.

Home Chef Short Overview

Home Chef main page

It’s time to forget about the sophisticated recipes. You may now enjoy simple and easy-to-cook meals in your kitchen. If you want to try some Asian meal delivery prep, it’s time to find what’s on the website.

  • It’s time to enjoy the flawless meal kit delivery online. The company offers excellent services so that the feedback is always positive.
  • The delivery time is constantly monitored. As a result, you will get your order on time and won’t need to call the managers to check the information.
  • There should be no doubts about the choice of food. The company offers a wide range of meals for every client. In addition, you can find Asian meals on the site and enjoy your favorite food.

You should try Home Chef if you want quality service. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the taste. The quality of the ingredients is also fantastic.

Meal Plans

If you follow a diet with some food restrictions, you can still order from the company. It’s primarily focused on the tasty recipes that will bring you real happiness and joy. You can order delicious noodles, soups, rice dishes, or different meat bowls. The variety of options is fantastic. You will indeed find some Asian meal prep ready to cook and eat.


The prices are average. If you pay about $11 per serving, you get a top-quality and delicious meal for the day. The number of meals could vary. You can find the rules on the site and order the necessary number of portions.


Shipping is easy with the Home Chef. Your task is to insert the correct address on the website and get your order on time. All the food is stored carefully in the boxes. Ingredients come fresh to cook at home.

Hello Fresh Short Overview

HelloFresh main page

Let’s finish this list of Asian meal prep delivery services with another popular meal delivery. Hello Fresh is known for its huge variety of recipes available to users. Let’s see what options you can draw from the service:

  • The quality of the ingredients is a must. You will receive fresh and mostly organic food at your door. There should be no concerns about the quality of the recipes cooked from the HelloFresh boxes.
  • If you’re a picky client, you will find the company quite useful. There are tons of recipes to try and cook at home.
  • The prices are relatively moderate. You don’t overpay because the company has more or less the same pricing policy as other online meal delivery platforms.

If you want to taste the rich and diverse flavors of Asian-style cuisine, it’s the best time to order from Hello Fresh.

Meal Plans

There are different recipes offered on the website. If you prefer soups, you can try various noodles and meat soups. There are also tons of meat recipes with different garners. You can choose curry rice, spicy chicken and vegetables. Many tasty sauces will add even more flavor to your dish.


Many people are concerned about the price of the services when ordering Asian meal kits online. But this should not be a matter of concern. The prices on the website are reasonable. When you cover the cost of the services, you pay for the high-quality ingredients, nicely developed recipes, and tasty food. The price per serving is about $11, that’s quite cheap when compared to other popular services.


Make sure to insert the correct address so that the order is shipped right to your door. Delivery doesn’t take much time. You will have your food shipped fast and receive fresh ingredients to your door.

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