Chef’d Review of the Best Prepared Meals

People more and more use food delivery services. They let you get the dishes you like at the stated time. Prepared foods are a great way to save your time and forces. What you need is to fill in the form online and wait for your order.

Short Overview

One of the best delivery services is Chef’d. The company provides meal delivery throughout the USA. Unfortunately, Hawaii and Alaska are the states where Chef’d does not operate. So, it is not affordable for some people. Yet, as we see in the Chef’d review, the meal service has a lot of advantages.

The company offers over 400 Chef’d plans in total. There are some new meals each week. The company is a partner to the best brands. Another advantage we see in the Chef’d review is a lot of discounts for the customers. The service offers coupons for constant customers and other perks. There are also gift cards for celebrations. In the reviews of Chef’d, let’s see the best organic food of the service.


One of the biggest advantages of Chef’d is the variety of Chef’d menus. The service offers a wide range of ingredients for people on any diet. There are four main Chef’d recipe cards. They include the cuisine of Asia, Europe, the USA, and Latin America. In the service, you will mostly buy separate organic meals. Yet, you can also see some Chef’d meal kits reviews. The Chef’d food delivery offers meals for breakfast, dinner, and supper. Apart from fresh, healthy foods, you can find desserts here.

Another advantage of Chef’d is that you can choose all you need here. For example, you may select the ingredients you want to see in the meal. So, it is an excellent option for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet. You can also select the cooking method you need. There is an option to find the best chef for you. This means that you will get healthy foods from the best reviews of Chef’d.

How much is Chef’d? Chef’d pricing depends on the meal you choose. It is also essential to consider the number of servings you need. Two options include 2 servings and 4 servings. Dinner meals are more expensive than lunch ones. Overall, the average Chef’d cost ranges from 12 to 16 dollars. Chef’d prices on meals with 4 servings range from 10 to 13 dollars.

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How Chef’d Works

One advantage, as we see in the Chef’d meal kits review, is no subscription. You should not buy a full subscription to order goods in the service. To start ordering meals, you should access the website. The website has an excellent interface and functions. There is an option to order the delivery automatically in case you do not have a subscription. This means that you can change your plan wherever you want. If you stop buying products, you should not pay any fee.

As it is stated in reviews for Chef’d, the website lets the customers make individual orders. You may choose the ingredients in different meals. For example, you have a ready meal kit. You may choose it, but change some components for your pleasure. This is a great option for vegans. They can choose traditional meals and remove meat from them.

To start buying the products, you should look through the Chef’d meal reviews. First, consider the ingredients and the Chef’d ratings of the meal kits. Then select the dishes you like the most. In the chart, you can pay your order and state the address for the delivery.

There is also an option to create your meal plan. This implies that you will get your meal kits each week with a plan. You should choose it in advance. You may see the meal plans in Chef’d meal delivery reviews.

How Easy Are Chef’d Meal Kits to Prepare?

The meals in Chef’d are not ready to eat at once. The service provides fresh meals to prepare for its customers. You will see meal kits that are combined with a high-quality preparation process. When you get the raw products, you should cook them one by one. You can see the recommendations and the time you will need to prepare each kit on the website. Yet, a disadvantage here is that the cooking process takes a long time. You may need several days to cook three meals.

Who Is Chef’d Good For?

The service is a great opportunity for people who like cooking. You may not know a good recipe or do not want to go shopping. With Chef’d, you will get the meal kit to your home and then cook a delicious meal. Chef’d offers ready recipe cards with instructions. If you need, you can change several ingredients in your meal kit.

It is also suitable for those who do not want to create a subscription. For example, you may order products once a year and do not pay fees for the pause.

Who Isn’t It Good For?

Chef’d is not an option for people who do not have much time. In the service, you will need to spend some days cooking the food. Therefore, you will not get prepared foods to eat at once. In the company, you will mostly need to choose ingredients separately. This means that you will not be able to rely on the service to collect your meal kit. You also can’t order the foods if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

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Chef’d Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Chef’d offers quality packaging with the food. It is mainly card packages with dry ice. Each ingredient in your meal kit is wrapped in a plastic bag. The ice keeps all the products frozen for a long time. So, you will get completely fresh products at home. Then you should put the goods in the freezer to keep them fresh longer. You may keep them in your freezer for several months.

Another advantage of the packaging is its environmental friendliness. You have an option to recycle all the packaging materials and do not harm nature.

Changing and Canceling Order

The service offers accessible opportunities to change or cancel your order. You should not necessarily have a subscription to the service. This implies that you can buy products whenever you want. In addition, if you have purchased a subscription, you can also cancel it at any time. You can do this in your account on the website. Here, you should access the settings and pause or cancel your subscription. But you need to cancel it before a stated deadline. In the settings, you can also change the meal kits you need or the ingredients.

Customer Service

The website has excellent customer support service. You can fill in the form on the website to ask your questions. The managers are available from 8 am to 5 pm CST. Saturday and Sunday are not working days. You will get an answer to your email within one working day of sending the letter. You should state your name, email address, and the problem. In most cases, you may have problems with the order. That is why you need to insert the number of your order in the form.

Another option to contact customer support is writing in the email. You may also call the service by phone. There are always managers ready to help you with the ordering process.


The main competitors of Chef’d are Blue Apron and Hungryroot. Blue Apron is a service that provides prepared foods for the customers. All the products are ready in advance. So, you will only need to heat them for about two minutes. On the contrary, in Chef’d, you need to cook the meals from the beginning.

Hungryroot is mainly a company for vegetarians. It offers plant-based dishes for people on a special diet. That is why it does not have as many tasty meals as Chef’d.


To sum up, Chef’d is one of the best food delivery services. It offers fresh and organic ingredients for its customers. In addition, you will find collected meal kits for cooking. The delivery is a great option to start cooking new delicious meals.

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Does Chef’d Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

The company is known for great discounts and gifts for its clients. It also offers a referral program. It implies that you may share some money with your friends. This money will go on the meals in the service. If the friend buys some foods, you will give 10 extra dollars for your purchases. You may also create a gift card or coupons card. You can also use Chef’d promo code.

Is Chef’d Worth the Money?

In general, the company provides healthy and tasty products. The experts select the necessary products for cooking a delicious dinner. The prices for the delivery are not high. So, the delivery is definitely worth the money you spend. You can prepare your products to create a nice dinner.

Is Chef’d Easy to Cancel?

In food delivery, you do not need to create a subscription. There are no extra fees when you pause or cancel the order. You can also change the ingredients or meals if you need. It is only important to do it before your order is sent.

Are Chef’d Meals Healthy?

The answer is definitely yes. Chef’d provides the best healthy and organic foods for the customers. You may choose from a great number of meal kits on the website. There are options for overweight people. The ones who have health problems may also select some products here. There are great opportunities for vegans and vegetarians.

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