Daily Harvest vs Green Blender: Choose Your Winner Now

Ordering prepared foods online is a nice tool that many people use these days. You can enjoy fresh and organic food in the comfort of your home. It’s a convenient way to spend your time because the cooking procedure takes minutes. There are lots of food delivery services on the market. And it may be a difficult choice for those who are new to the food ordering process.

In this article, we are going to state the difference between Green Blender and Daily Harvest. These are the giants of the meal delivery companies. If you want to try something new, it’s the best option. The choice of ingredients, diet menu options, and healthy alternatives to regular meals are waiting for you here. These companies follow a similar goal, however, they feature several differences. It’s time to choose the best delivery service and order a healthy set. It’s time for the Daily Harvest vs Green Blender battle!

Short Overview

Green Blender vs Daily Harvest competition is on the rise. There are many reviews about both companies. Some of them are positive, while others do not tell the best things about the way companies work. It’s time to get rid of all the doubts and take a closer look at the services.

Daily Harvest Review

Let’s start our discussion with the Daily Harvest service. It’s a popular Daily Harvest meal delivery service known for its chic vegan options on the menu. You can find different organic smoothie bowls, soups, and other healthy alternatives on the website. It offers organic items and can satisfy the tastes of healthy eaters.

  • When you order food from Daily Harvest, you can enjoy a set of healthy and fresh dish options.
  • The ingredients are simple, but they’re combined in such a way to make you feel the richness of flavor.
  • You can put them in the freezer and enjoy them later.

However, there are not only the good sides. When you order from Daily Harvest, you need to min the price. The cost of the Daily Harvest services is thought to be overestimated. In many cases, clients admit that flavors are dull or sophisticated.

Daily Harvest main page

Green Blender Review

Why do people choose Green Blender? There are a couple of reasons why this meal delivery service is popular among the clients.

  • First of all, you can order the most quality ingredients for your smoothies. If you want a healthy, filling yet refreshing Green Blender smoothie, it’s best to order from the Green Blender.
  • When you try the taste of the smoothies, you will stay energized for longer. Every Green Blender drink is rich in different flavors.

If we take the Daily Harvest or Green Blender choice, many users decide on the first one in terms of menu richness. Green Blender doesn’t provide a lot of interesting options. There are smoothies only. You can’t find anything more filling than a cup of Green Blender smoothie for your morning ride.

Plan and Pricing

Which is better Daily Harvest vs Green Blender? If we compare these two services, we won’t find a huge difference in their meal plans. These companies offer smoothies and other plant-based items online. However, the price of the plans may differ. Let’s get to the cost comparison and discuss how these two differ in price.

Daily Harvest Price

When you order a meal from Daily Harvest, you can find a lot of interesting options for your order. The price of the order will depend on the choice of the items. A regular Daily Harvest bowl will cost you about $9, as well as the chia bowls, ice creams, soups, and smoothies. You will need to pay less for the Daily Harvest oat bowl or lattes. In general, the pricing policy is quite high. These aren’t the average prices. The Daily Harvest cost is much higher than in the competitors.

Green Blender Price

Let’s get to the Green Blender pricing policy. In many cases, the price for vegan or plant-based meals is higher. Thus, you shouldn’t expect a real reduction in price. When you deal with the Green Blender, you can choose between the 3 basic plans:

  • The first one is called a Fresh Start Plan. It includes 1 week of ingredients. Green Blender will cost you about $5 per serving with $50 in total.
  • If you choose the Green Blender Monthly Challenge, you will be charged $175 per month. However, the cost per serving here will be cheaper.
  • When you decide to buy a Healthy Habit, you can get the provision of ingredients for the next 3 months. Furthermore, the price for the serving in this case, will be about $4, which is considerably less than at the Daily Harvest.

The pricing policy at both companies is different. If we compare Daily Harvest vs Green Blender, it must be said that Daily Harvest is a more expensive service. However, it serves considerably more options for the clients, while the Green Blender can offer smoothies only.

Types of Menu

Let’s get to the types of menu. It’s an interesting part because there are lots of different things to discuss. First off, it’s better to discuss the meal plan that you can find on the Daily Harvest website.

Daily Harvest Menu

What is the basis of the Daily Harvest menu? If you order food from the Daily Harvest service, you will find lots of plant-based items. There are different soups and bowls with a wide range of interesting food combinations. You can also order flatbreads, different salad bowls, pasta dishes, and a wide range of snacks. Daily Harvest offers a lot of options for vegans or vegetarians. If you don’t like meat, you will find so many tasty alternatives here. There are also many variants of snacks and drinks. It’s a great meal delivery service for those clients who enjoy the plain taste of the food given by nature. If you want to brighten it up a bit, you can order some Daily Harvest sauces or other toppings.

Green Blender Menu

When it comes to the Green Blender menu, you can’t find as many options for the order. If you decide to try the Green Blender company, you should expect only smoothies on the menu. The company is focused on this type of food. And you can hardly find anything else on the Green Blender list. There are no bowls, soups, or salads on the list. Despite the narrow choice of food types, you can still enjoy the big number of Green Blender smoothie options on the website. There are sweet and sour Green Blender items. You can find green, orange, yellow, and even blue smoothies on the menu. If you want to try the detox period for your body, the Green Blender service is the best choice.

green blender_box

Packaging and Delivery

When ordering from the Daily Harvest service, you receive paper containers and plastic wraps that can be fully recycled. If you are worried about the eco-friendliness of the Daily Harvest service, there should be no concerns about the packaging. When it comes to the Daily Harvest delivery services, there are always a lot of questions about the eco-friendliness of the packaging. Eating healthy smoothies is great. But you should also find it safe to consume the meal from reusable packaging. And this is what Green Blender can offer to the clients. The Green Blender box with smoothie ingredients is usually wrapped in reusable or recyclable linen wrapping. And you can recycle almost any material that comes with your order. The delivery process is also simple. You can calculate the date of your Green Blender order on the website.

Cooking Process and Taste

When you order Daily Harvest, you don’t need much time to cook. Some of the meals are ready to be eaten. Others need some heat in the oven or microwave for a couple of minutes. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to cook with a plethora of Daily Harvest ingredients. If you have some extra 15 minutes to cook dinner, you should place your order and get the meal from the Daily Harvest. The taste in most dishes is quite rich. However, some Daily Harvest clients admit that the dishes may have a weird taste combination.

The taste of the Green Blender food is quite rich. Smoothies are made of fruits and vegetables. You will have enough swiftness from the fruits and a lot of necessary healthy nutrients from the veggies. When you get the food out from your Green Blender box, you can see everything needed to make and drink a healthy and tasty Green Blender smoothie on the go.

Ordering and Cancellation Process

When you order from the Daily Harvest company, you need a couple of minutes to create the profile. The website may suggest different types of food combinations at first. When you state all your preferences, it’s time to place the Daily Harvest order. If you want to cancel the meal before Sunday, 3 p.m., and you should mind that there are no exclusions. So, if you decide to cancel the order, you need to make it quick.

The ordering process at the Green Blender website is easy. You can visit the website, choose the smoothies you want to add to your order and place the final details. The shipping time varies depending on your location. And you should also be aware of the fact that Green Blender doesn’t send their meals to every state in the country. There are several limitations, so you should check this info online.

Customer Support

If you have any concerns about the Daily Harvest order and need help, you can always send an email to the Daily Harvest website. There are also personal contacts of the managers on the web page if you need to solve any urgent matter. Let’s discuss the Green Blender support team in more detail. If you have any issue with the order or you simply need help with the choice of the smoothie, you can’t call the managers. There’s no number available on the Green Blender website for the customers. You can send the email to the company. The service also provides the answers to the most popular inquiries on the website in the FAQ section. Unfortunately, there are no live calls available on the Green Blender platform.


Are you ready to place your order? Both of these services are worth your attention. If you choose Daily Harvest, you can enjoy the variety of Daily Harvest plant-based foods delivered at your door. There are different tastes and menu variations. However, you need to pay more for the services. The price is a bit higher than the average one on the meal delivery market. If you choose Green Blender, you will pay less. However, there are only Green Blender smoothies available for the customers. Whatever service you choose, you will benefit from recyclable or reusable materials.

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