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Today, lots of meal kit companies strive to invite renowned chefs who can modernize their existing recipes. They invite them to add some points to their reputation. Beyond that, chefs are great for making dishes look like high-end cuisine. One of such companies that features a bestselling cookbook author and chef is Dinnerly. Looking ahead, this meal delivery service still stands for affordability, hence, you do not throw money down the drain on guilty-pleasure delicacies. Read this Dinnerly review to learn more.

Short Overview (Pros and Cons)

As was said above, Dinnerly meal delivery is a weekly subscription service that has one F&B mastermind behind it – Julia Turshen. She is the New York Times bestselling cookbook author. She collaborates with many celebrities and acts as a food equity advocate. By joining Dinnerly, she helped to add some kind of freshness to healthy recipes and made them even faster and easier in preparation. Regarding Dinnerly, this meal delivery service is renowned thanks to its cheap rates when it comes to 1 serving. Answering your probable question – they are cheap because they do not focus on any fancy marketing campaigns, they reduce the use of paper, among others. Unfortunately, by choosing Dinnerly meal service, you will be somehow limited in diet preferences. There are no Keto, Paleo, or Mediterranean diets, etc.

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Pros of Dinnerly:

  • Super cheap per 1 serving;
  • Homemade dishes that do not require much preparation and crafted by bestselling cookbook author;
  • The division of recipes per Low-Calorie, Poultry, Kid-Friendly, No Gluten Added, etc.;
  • Easy skipping the weeks and cancellation;
  • Less chopping and cleaning with new dishes.


  • It does not cover the whole USA;
  • Lacks many diets like vegan or Keto;
  • Not so big portions if you crave a full-full dinner.


Let’s be honest, when overlooking their Dinnerly meal kits review menu, you as a potential client might find it not so user-friendly. It is because instead of filtering the dishes by plans or diets, they enlist such tags as MEAT, KID FRIENDLY below each recipe only.

The menus they offer are super standard, as you may guess it is also the explanation for their low prices. For instance, you will have Low Calorie, Meat, Poultry, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Low Carb categorizations. Based on Dinnerly reviews on September 2022 menu, you can order the following:

  • Double Stack Cheeseburger;
  • Julia’s White Pizza (signature dish);
  • Veggie Drunken Noodles;
  • Veggie Pot Pie.

Note, by visiting their Ingredient HUB, you can get to know about the Ingredient List and the Allergens of each dish. They also kindly specify the allergens in facilities where they make recipes. As per the Dinnerly meal kits reviews, it is greater than paper instructions.

Now, how much is Dinnerly? The first price you should keep in mind is $4.69 per serving. Sounds very cheap, right? Anyway, the current Dinnerly pricing looks the following way.

Two-Person Box:

  • 3 meals/weekly – $5.89 per serving, $44.33 is total;
  • 4 meals/weekly – $5.79 per serving, $55.31 is total;
  • 5 meals/weekly – $5.69 per serving, $65.89 is total;
  • 6 meals/weekly – $5.59 per serving, $76.07 is total.

The shipping of any order is $8.99.

Family Box:

  • 3 meals/weekly – $5.59 per serving, $76.07 is total;
  • 4 meals/weekly – $5.19 per serving, $92.03 is total;
  • 5 meals/weekly – $4.99 per serving, $108.79 is total;
  • 6 meals/weekly – $4.69 per serving, $121.55 is total.

The shipping of any order is $8.99.

You can also make your box vegetarian. Summing up the cost involved and menus, Dinnerly prices look pretty affordable, however, if you order big portions. Beyond that, clients expect to have free shipping.

Dinnerly how it works

How Dinnerly Works

Dinnerly does not differ much from other meal kit companies. It works on a weekly subscription basis, where you can easily skip weeks or modify your orders.

By signing up and filling out your personal account, you have to pick the delivery day and preferred recipes. Your dishes will be delivered only in the insulated box. Upon receiving, you can start cooking or freezing your delicacies. Please, do contact them directly to learn the freezing shelf life. That’s it. Otherwise, you can eat the recipes straightaway.

How Easy Are Dinnerly Meal Kits to Prepare?/Cooking Process

Dinner meal kits are extremely easy to prepare. Since this company focuses on homemade recipes and caters to busy people, all you need is just your microwave or oven. Each and every dish comes with designated instructions for reheating. Note, there is less chopping because they minimize the ingredients. If you do not know how to prepare the dish, you can refer to Dinnerly recipe cards. On most occasions, up to 3 minutes of reheating with the microwave and up to 5 minutes with the oven. If needed, you can add your own seasoning, however, the meal delivery service ensures to balance it all.

Who Is Dinnerly Good For?

Compared to other delivery meal kit services, Dinnerly has a specific category of clients whose expectations they strive to meet. As of now, Dinnerly is good for:

  • People who love the simplicity and do not want to stay long hours in front of the oven;
  • People who do not have many dietary regimens to follow and are okay with low carb, low-calorie recipes;
  • People who seek the utmost affordability based on Dinnerly ratings;
  • People who want to try signature dishes of world-renowned chefs.

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Who It Isn’t Good For?

At the same time, reviews for Dinnerly show that the service is not a one hundred dollar banknote to be loved by everyone. Therefore, the following people might not find it good:

  • Those who follow Keto, Paleo, Vegan healthy or organic food diets;
  • Those who seek healthy and low-calorie pastry;
  • Those who look better customization of the delivery menu;
  • Those who do not want to spend money on the shipping.

Finally, based on clients’ feedback and reviews of Dinnerly, it won’t be a good choice for those people who love huge portions. You should understand that now Dinnerly strives to reach the high-end segment of foods, yet cheap ones, so do not expect big-sized dishes.

Example Packaging and Environmental Friendliness/Handy and Reusable

Again, like in the best traditions, Dinnerly is a meal delivery service that ensures to meet the latest recycling trends and tendencies to help the environment. All their boxes where you receive your meals are environmentally friendly. They are SFI certified, which means that a paper you see has been previously sourced only from sustainably supervised forests. Their recycling will require a few seconds of time and any curbside paper recycling bin. Otherwise, if needed, delivery boxes can be reusable.

Then, there are ice packs with 98% of water and 2% of a super absorbent polymer. Everything is non-toxic. Liners are represented by either foil pouch liners or encapsulated cotton liners. To be honest, all the delivery packaging can be said to be handy and reusable, however, to be safe, contact them directly.

Changing and Canceling Order

Changing and canceling is super easy. First off, there are no strict and tight commitments, which you will be glued to forever. If you want to cancel your subscription, just contact their meal delivery customer support team, and explain to them what you want. When it comes to changing your order, you can do it either via your personal account or again by contacting their representatives. Please, do learn the deadline for modifying your meal delivery orders because the changes might not be applied for the upcoming week.

Dinnerly new recipes every week

Customer Service

As of now, Dinnerly service reveals 3 communication methods for their clients. The first one is an email where you can write to them and receive an answer within 1 working day. Then, you can fill out an online submission form. Finally, there is a live chat that should be used on the occasions when you need your inquiry addressed promptly. As per the clients’ feedback and Dinnerly meal delivery reviews, their delivery customer support team is very responsive.

The Competition/Alternatives

For your consideration, check also the comparison of Dinnerly with two of its major competitors in the food delivery services segment.

Delivery Service Dinnerly Send a Meal Freshly
Menus available No particular Dinnerly menus. You can find low-calorie, low-carb, dairy-free, veggie options. Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetic meals, Family-Huge Combos, etc.; Meal delivery – Fresh Crafted Classics, Takeout Twists, Freshly Fit for losing weight among others;
Pricing Policy Starting from $4.69 per serving; Combos vary from $99.95 up to $270; From $8.49 per serving;
Shipping Always $8.99; Some orders come with no shipping; $3.99-$12.11;
Delivery Only contagious US. Nationwide; All the US except for Hawaii and Alaska;
Customer Support 24/7 with a live chat. Not available 24/7. 24/7 with a live chat.


Dinnerly is the best delivery service when it comes to prices. You can order meals starting from $4.69. Apart from the favorable Dinnerly cost, you should consider the service for its collaboration with a renowned cookbook and chef Julia Turshen. Yet, you won’t find many dietary preferences or designated Dinnerly plans and menus. The delivery ingredients are all healthy, organic, and nutritious. If needed, you can also go for a family box and share the delicacies with your family members.

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Can I Try Dinnerly for Free?

No, there are no free trials or free dishes. Beyond that, based on Dinnerly meal reviews, and their pricing policy, there is no free shipping.

Does Dinnerly Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

Currently not, however, you can find delivery Dinnerly promo code with third parties online. They will help to cut the cost of your first order.

Is Dinnerly Worth the Money?

Dinnerly food delivery is worth the money because they have healthy and organic ingredients, tasty prepared foods that do not require much cooking.

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