Dinnerly vs Everyplate: A Real Battle between the Meal Kit Giants

Two meal delivery services are being discussed in this review. Dinnerly vs Everyplate battle is on, and there are lots of useful aspects to be covered. Let’s start with a short overview of every company. Dinnerly is a famous meal kit delivery company that serves pre-measured portions to every client. You can benefit from the digital menu cards with ready-to-go recipes. You may try a weekly meal plan with a wide range of food choices. The menu is rotating, so you may choose different types of dishes every day. When ordering Dinnerly, you’ll find a box with all the necessary ingredients in one place. It’s a perfect example of a prepared foods service online.

Short Overview

Let’s get to the Dinnerly competitor that’s Everyplate meal delivery company. It is a healthy and affordable company with fresh and organic food. The company also offers meal kits to the clients. And the prices are thought to be quite competitive. Everyplate offers simple food variations with a wide set of options on the menu. And it’s also good for nature with its packaging policy. But some clients may agree to the fact that Everyplate could have offered more plant-based diet menu options. Let’s continue with the Everyplate vs Dinnerly battle and find out the best delivery service on the web.

Dinnerly main page

Plan and Pricing

The competition should begin with the difference between Everyplate and Dinnerly in terms of menu plans and prices. Let’s start with the menu and cost comparison by getting more info about Dinnerly. What’s interesting about the company is the choice of the menu. Dinnerly will offer you cooking ideas based on your preferences. There are about 16 different food choices each week. You will be amazed at the set of options. There are both healthy vegan and meat menu plans. You may also find organic fish dishes on the menu. What’s the price? You will start from $5 per serving, which is a comparatively small price on the market. But remember about the shipping cost of your food.

What about Everyplate? The company may compete with Dinnerly in terms of food choices. Though it has only 14 meal plans to be served to the clients. You may also find vegan options, various meat choices, and recipes with fish. Everyplate is about comfort food. You may find some interesting options, but a huge part of the menu consists of regular food with simple ingredients. Now it’s time for a cost comparison. If we compare Dinnerly vs Everyplate, we may notice the difference in prices. It’s quite unnoticeable, but it’s real. Dinnerly starts from $5 per serving, while you can find a $3 option at Everyplate. In general, Everyplate may cost less. But with Dinnerly, you’ll experience a wider choice of foods.

Types of Menu

Which is better Dinnerly vs Everyplate, in terms of menu plans? To answer the question, we need to take a closer look at the menu of each meal delivery company.

Dinnerly Menu

Let’s start with Dinnerly and see what menu options you can find here:

  • Most people prefer a balanced menu with the relevant amount of necessary nutrients.
  • If you follow certain restrictions in your diet, you can find a Pescatarian menu or some vegetarian options on the Dinnerly website.
  • Want to lose some weight? You can choose dairy-free or low-calorie Dinnerly options.

There are different meals for the clients. If you have a specific taste in food, you can still find tasty and cheap options on the Dinnerly website.

EveryPlate Menu

What about Everyplate? When you open the website, you may find different dishes. In most cases, you’ll find some simple food variations. The ingredients are easy to find, and they create a plain recipe rather. Tacos and mashed potatoes, pasta with roasted carrots, and other common recipes like at home. There are also snack options. As you may see, Everyplate doesn’t follow a particular concept when it comes to food. You may find some specific Everyplate recipes, plant-based dishes, or vegan options. But it’s rather an exception than a rule. To conclude, the menu plans are full of interesting items. And whether you choose Dinnerly or Everyplate, you will enjoy a tasty and rich flavor. But if we compare these food delivery services, the outcome is clear. Dinnerly is a more flexible meal delivery company that fits a wider range of tastes and restrictions.

Packaging and Delivery

Packaging is a necessary point of discussion. Many companies may be known for their food quality. But when it comes to the packaging policy, there are always extra questions. Let’s start with Dinnerly. Since Dinnerly is a low-cost company, it won’t put any extras in your box. The good news is that it prevents certain food items from being wrapped in plastic. You can easily recycle the packaging. But there are some plastic things you can find in the box. These could be various clamshells for liquid things. The delivery policy isn’t stable because the company doesn’t have strict terms of menu plans for delivery. You can wait for your Dinnerly food for up to a week, depending on your location. In other cases, your meal kit can be at your door within a day or two. It’s better to consult the managers and figure out the details.

When we talk about Everyplate, eco-friendliness must be mentioned. The company offers nature-friendly cardboard boxes. You won’t suffer from the plastic used in the delivery process. Everything is safe and clean and can barely be damaged during transportation. Other types of boxes can also be recycled. In terms of delivery services, Everyplate is quite a flexible company. You can have your order shipped at your door 4 days per week. You can choose the exact day of the delivery. When the Everyplate box is shipped, it will stay cool for the next 48 hours without losing its quality.

Everyplate main page

Cooking Process and Taste

The cooking process is quite the same. When you order either Dinnerly or Everyplate meal kit, you will have to follow similar procedures. Dinnerly offers its clients clear cards with recipes. You will find them online. These are digital versions of regular recipe cards made of paper. There’s a simple guide to your recipe. You won’t find it difficult to cook the dish. Most recipes take about 30 minutes to enjoy the food. The taste of the dishes is nice and plain. Since Dinnerly ships mostly healthy options, the taste of the food is quite plain and simple. But the sauces and spices make the whole difference with Dinnerly.

Everyplate has interactive cards with recipes. When you get your ingredients out of the box, you can see the step-by-step instructions to cook the meal. And it’s easy to prepare the food. It won’t take more than half an hour to get on with the recipe. If you have some amateur skills in cooking, ordering Everyplate is a perfect choice for you. Everyplate serves simple dishes. You can try them at home or in some restaurants. These are different salads, pasta options, potato dishes, and so on. The Everyplate taste is rich in flavors. But you won’t find it quite chic.

Ordering and Cancellation Process

How to order the food? The process of ordering the meal is similar. There’s nothing complicated about ordering your favorite food options. Let’s take at the step-by-step guide to make it clear to every online user:

  • First off, you need to open the website and create a profile. It isn’t mandatory. But you want to have a profile to track the processes, monitor the shipment, and communicate with the managers. Moreover, you can track different discount options and sales available only to registered users.
  • The next step is to fill your profile and insert the necessary payment details. When you’re done with the basic steps, you can go and choose your meal. There are different Dinnerly and Everyplate options to choose from.
  • When the order is done, and you’ve made up your meal plan, it’s time to pay online. Both Dinnerly and Everyplate websites offer convenient payment methods on the platform. Once the payment is done, you can close the page and wait.

The shipment process will take some time. You will get notifications from the Dinnerly or Everyplate website. The system will let you know where to get your meal. Would you like to cancel the order? If you need to change the menu plan or cancel the whole order, it must be done ahead of the Dinnerly and Everyplate delivery time. The food is being prepared for a couple of days. And you need to cancel the order as soon as possible if you want a refund. Online managers can help you with questions about the cancellation of the order. And you can also consult them about the refund options.

Customer Support

Customer support at Dinnerly and Everyplate is an important part of the ordering process. When you open the website for the first time, you see so many options. And there’s a question of choice. What should you choose if you follow a particular diet? Where to learn more about the Dinnerly and Everyplate calories of the food? All these questions can be answered on the website. There are support managers to help you solve the problems, advise on the menu and help with other issues. Dinnerly and Everyplate have a well-developed and nicely organized support team. It monitors the requests and promptly answers the questions on the platform. If you face any complex things during the Dinnerly and Everyplate order, you should send your request to the managers and receive the answer fast.


Dinnerly and Everyplate are known for their quality and price. Being a meal kit company, each of the services offers quite reasonable prices and high-quality food choices. If you enjoy simple home food, you can try cheap Everyplate service. If you have any restrictions and want to calculate the calories, Dinnerly should be your choice. But it’s a bit pricier than Everyplate. Both companies are good in terms of food taste and prices. But some differences may influence your choice.

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