Fresh Meal Plan Review: The Most Customizable Food Delivery Service

If you want to give a shot at a new food delivery service, while the former one offers too few selections, or the dishes don’t meet your cooking expectations, then Fresh Meal Plan may be the ideal option for your needs.

Are you wondering, though, why you should select them over other options? Is there anything they provide that the others do not? This Fresh Meal Plan review attempts to provide answers to these questions!

Short Overview: Pros and Cons Reviews of Fresh Meal Plan

The company offers fresh, gourmet dishes for gym-goers, athletes, and those looking to enhance their health and fitness. Choose from one of five professionally-designed Fresh Meal Plan menus, and then personalize your food and orders with protein supplements and bulk goods. Let’s find out the pros and cons of Fresh Meal Plan meal delivery reviews.

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  • Customizability. The company provides several options for personalizing your experience. You may also specify your tastes, and they will only show you relevant recipes;
  • Affordability. While there’re less expensive choices, they give adequate plan quality to justify a somewhat more high-priced tag. While more expensive, the cost of lunch is still modest enough to be reasonable;
  • There are a variety of Fresh Meal Plan plans to choose from, including Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Traditional;
  • Quickly delivered to your home;
  • Opportunity to get a Fresh Meal Plan promo code;
  • Massive amount of ideas. All of the Fresh Meal Plan recipe cards are cycled weekly, and there are plenty of options each week.


  • Lower minimum. The cheapest plan includes six plates costing you $72, which may be too much for some;
  • Dish variation over time. Like with many food delivery services, if you order them for a long enough period, you’ll start to eat the same food again and again.

Fresh Meal Plan, co-founded by a famous chef, is a healthy, fresh food delivery service with plenty of personalization options so you can receive your dishes your way. The plates are tasty, nutritious, and ready to cook and consume in minutes. With many alternatives, including keto, paleo, vegan, and more, you’d be hard-pressed not to discover a Fresh Meal Plan menu that fits your lifestyle.

Pricing: How Much Is Fresh Meal Plan?

Fresh Meal Plan cost per plate is generally $10.97. The lower the cost per dish, the more food you buy each week. The following is Fresh Meal Plan prices breakdown:

Plates per week Price per plate Price per week
6 $12 $72
10 $10.90 $109
14 $10 $140

Fresh Meal Plan meal kits review contains the following plans:

  • Traditional. Recipes that are well-balanced and emphasize a tried-and-true blend of lean meats, complex carbs, and veggies. Each plate has about 500 calories on average, with the opportunity to boost up on protein if desired;
  • Keto. These foods are suitable for individuals who follow a ketogenic diet since they are high in healthy fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. Each dish has about 450 calories on average;
  • Paleo. Low carbohydrate, high protein, and high omega-3 fatty acids from nuts and seeds. These dishes have about 450 calories per serving and are suitable for a Paleo diet;
  • Lean and Mean. Free of animal and fish ingredients, yet packed with nutritious, well-balanced foods and a wide range of tastes. The typical calorie count for vegan boxes is about 450;
  • Vegan. Large amounts of lean protein, little carbohydrates, and few fats. These dishes are intended for individuals with specific aesthetic aspirations, such as athletes and bodybuilders. If you need extra calories and protein, you may upgrade to the XL portion with this food plan;
  • Fresh+. This menu has family-friendly multi-serve dishes, nutritious sides, snacks, and even desserts. If you’re feeding a family or dish preparing, the multi-serve plates are ideal. With a few snacks and sweets thrown in, you’ve got your nutrition supplied for the week.

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How Fresh Meal Plan Works

In Fresh Meal Plan food delivery, the signup process is easy — after making your account, you simply select the dishes you want during the week, and they will take care of the rest. Because your food is sent every Thursday, you need to get your delivery by Saturday.

They provide a variety of programs, including Traditional, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Lean, and Mean, and an A La Carte choice. You’ll discover a wide variety of excellent dishes to pick from in those programs.

If you haven’t chosen your goods before the end of the first 7 days, they arranged a system that’ll choose them for you according to your tastes.

How Easy Are Fresh Meal Plan Meal Kits to Prepare?

When you’re ready to enjoy one of your Fresh Meal delivery dishes, simply take it out of the fridge, peel aside the protective plastic wrap, and microwave it for a few minutes. However, each plate will have its own set of instructions, so double-check to ensure there aren’t any special instructions.

Who Is Fresh Meal Plan Good For?

According to many Fresh Meal Plan meal kits reviews, it’s a fantastic choice for individuals who are short on time but want to feed their muscles with wholesome, healthy, nutrient-dense dishes to push them through their next exercise, board meeting, or day with the children.

By removing the need to plan, buy for, prep, and prepare your dishes, you save valuable time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.

Reviews for Fresh Meal Plan say that it’s an excellent choice for gym members, builders, and athletes that want adequate nourishment to stay on top of their game and achieve their objectives. This meal delivery service caters to athletes of all types, with the option to add extra protein.

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Who Isn’t It Good For?

According to Fresh Meal Plan reviews, their pricing per plate is in the middle. So, it won’t fit people who like to save money.

Fresh Meal Plan Packaging and Delivery

Fresh Meal Plan is a South Florida-based company, so if you reside there, you may have your dishes brought once a week with contact-free service. Courier sends boxes to the contiguous 48 states if you live outside of South Florida.

All dishes are kept fresh since the firm uses cutting-edge technology in its packaging. They may bring fresh, never frozen dishes to your home that taste great and are high in nutrients!

Boxes are delivered on Wednesdays for people who reside outside of Florida, so we may expect your order to arrive on Friday or Saturday at the latest, according to your state and delivery zone.

Changing and Canceling Order

Fresh Meal Plan memberships have no mandatory subscription duration. You have the option to change, stop, or cancel your membership at any time. If you want the changes to apply to your next delivery, make them between Wednesday at noon and Sunday at noon EST if you’re buying from South Florida, or between Saturday at noon and Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST if you’re purchasing from anywhere else on the mainland US.

Customer Service

If you want to get in touch with the company, the staff are accessible by phone, email, and chat from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

The Competition: Fresh Meal Plan Meal Reviews Comparison

To get the finest healthy dish kits and prepared foods, compare the top fit snack kits and prepared meal services similar to our main star of the review.

Fresh Meal Plan vs. Green Chef

Green Chef is a healthy organic dish-kit delivery service that will customize your plan to keep you on track with a paleo, keto, vegetarian (plant-powered), or simply a well-balanced diet. It’s pretty similar to the Fresh Meal Plan menu.

Like Fresh Meal Plan meal service, Green Chef’s dish packages contain about 90% fresh organic ingredients, and its meats are responsibly caught, farmed, and reared without hormones or antibiotics. Comparing to Fresh Meal Plan pricing, Green Chef’s organic food starts about $8 for each dish and allows you to personalize or skip weeks when traveling, among other things.

Fresh Meal Plan vs. Blue Apron

Blue Apron, probably the most well-known of the dish kit services, offers many healthy, fresh alternatives on the menu – and just a lot of options in general. Prices per serving start at $7.49 and go up from there, with the possibility of preparing two to four plates each week and two or four servings per recipe. It’s way cheaper than in Fresh Meal Plan.

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The Verdict: Fresh Meal Plan Ratings

It can become the best delivery service since it has a lot to offer. Their pricing per plate is in the middle, but the flavor of their dishes is typically on the upper end due to the excellent freshness and quality of the products they utilize.

Many individuals should get precisely what they need thanks to the range of options they provide. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or following a Paleo or Keto diet, they offer a menu devoted to your needs, with lots of options.

Generally, the flavor of their dishes pushes them to the upper end of their pricing range. If you want to improve the quality of your dishes while avoiding cheaper services, they may be able to supply you with just what you need!


Are Fresh Meal Plan Meals Healthy?

A 5-star gourmet chef who specialized in healthy foods and desires to deliver restaurant-quality cuisine to people at home co-founded the firm. It’s a beneficial food delivery service with over 500 different foods to select from, catering to a wide range of lifestyles and eating habits. The company also provides fresh, chef-crafted plates for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and those looking to enhance their health and fitness.

Is Fresh Meal Plan Worth the Money?

While their pricing per plate is in the middle, the quality of their cuisine and the breadth of their options should make them profitable. Their recipe cards are pretty vast and vary regularly, so you can choose from a large variety of excellent dishes. You can choose from one of five professionally made plans and then personalize your foods and orders with protein supplements and bulk goods.

Is Fresh Meal Plan Easy to Cancel?

Yes, you may take a three-week break or cancel. Memberships have no minimum subscription duration. You have the option to change, stop, or cancel your membership at any time. The opportunity to do so is apparent on your account page, and if you want to take a more extended break, you may need to cancel your membership entirely. That’s also done fast and efficiently.

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