Freshly vs HelloFresh Meal Delivery Battle 

Why do people order meals? There are a couple of reasons why ordering precooked Freshly vs HelloFresh dishes is a nice idea. Different clients treat the orders differently.

  • For some clients, it’s a matter of time. Cooking takes hours if you want to create a menu for the whole day or week. It’s even more complicated when you cook for the whole family. However, it’s way easier with the HelloFresh or Freshly delivery service.
  • Some clients decide to order from the HelloFresh or Freshly companies following the diet options. It’s easier to stick to the diet plan when you have everything planned by the delivery company.
  • For other clients, it’s a new experience. It’s always a good idea to try something new and Freshly cooked with the best choice of ingredients.

How to choose the best meal services on the Internet? If you look for vegetarian options or want to stay full with the best ingredients from the market, it’s the best option to order either from HelloFresh or Freshly. This is a complete comparison of two major services for picky eaters.

Hello Fresh and Freshly Menu Variety

What menu does each company offer to the users? Let’s start with the HelloFresh company. The service offers different meal options for any taste. If you enjoy meat dishes, you will find tasty options on the site.

There are also vegetarian bowls, garnish, and other options. You can ask for soups, salads, main dishes, and even snacks. If you want a tasty breakfast, the company will ship it to you.

What about Freshly? When you open the website, you will be impressed with the number of tasty and mouth-watering options for any taste. If you follow a regular diet, all the main dishes will be of your choice. However, there are also lots of options for vegetarians. Different soups, garnishes, tasty salads, and interesting snacks are on the website.

Portion Sizes

For many people, the size of the portion means a lot. Ordering from the meal delivery service is easy. If the portion is big enough, you could stay full for a long time. However, small portions may be a waste of money. Hence, it’s important to find out what portions the HelloFresh and Freshly companies offer.

In the following paragraphs, there’s detailed information about the sizes of portions offered to the clients. If you need a meal order for a group of people, it could be a better idea to choose the services with bigger portions. But ordering for a single person may have no difference. Let’s check what options the HelloFresh and Freshly companies have.

HelloFresh main page


It’s a well-known fact that the HelloFresh family friendly menu is open to everyone on the website. If you want to order a HelloFresh meal for each of your friends, you can get a HelloFresh free box for friends. The company offers big portions and convenient options for users looking for big-company meals.


What’s the Freshly portion size? There are no specific sizes offered on the Freshly website. You can choose a normal Freshly meal size and enjoy it on your own. Or you can check what options are available on the site and go either for small, medium, or large options. It’s easy to meet the needs of every client when there are lots of portion size variations.


What ingredients are used in the meals? This is a major question that new clients ask a lot. The choice of the ingredients makes the whole difference, especially when it comes to vegetarian or health-focused services. The fresher the ingredients offered to the people, the tastier the final meal will be.

HelloFresh and Freshly have common specificity in their work. Hence, the choice of ingredients and meal specifications may differ. For this reason, it’s necessary to compare the ingredients from both services and see how different they could be. Let’s check in detail each of the delivery companies.


Let’s start with the HelloFresh company. What’s special about the service? The company is known to serve vegetarian meals without gluten or any extra bad for your health. Hello Fresh vegetarian meals are highly focused on the clients concerned about the state of the body. If you want to fuel your body with quality ingredients and enjoy the taste of the dishes, it’s better to order from the HelloFresh service.

HelloFresh uses fresh ingredients to make the taste of every dish the best. The reviews on the service prove that ordering from HelloFresh is a good idea. You won’t need to check any certificates because the quality of the food is in the freshness of the ingredients.

You can benefit from the HelloFresh dairy free meal plan if you can’t tolerate dairy. There are also multiple Hello Fresh gluten free options that make a huge difference to the regular meals. There are no risks of getting allergic to the food served by the HelloFresh company. Top-rated HelloFresh client service, the nicest options for vegetarians and picky eaters are waiting for everyone visiting the website.


When you open the Freshly website, you will notice that Freshly’s meals are pre-made and are delivered not frozen. This is a nice perk for the clients worried about their health. On the menu, there are different Freshly options. The meals differ in size, ingredients, and price. If you’re worried about the quality of the food offered in the meals, let’s check what the main meal options and ingredients the company suggests.

Being mostly a healthy meal delivery, Freshly chooses the best-quality ingredients for the dishes. You will enjoy the taste of the vegetables, meat, fish, and different plant-based ingredients.

As you can see, the satisfaction of the client and the healthiness of the products are a must. You will enjoy a wide choice of meals with different tastes. The rich taste, together with the high-quality ingredients, can make your Freshly eating experience the best.

Freshly get started

Delivery Options

How do I get my HelloFresh meal? Are there any possible Freshly delivery options to my region? The delivery process bothers many users who visit the website for the first time. Hence, it’s necessary to find answers to the questions before you place the order.

How does the delivery process work? In most cases, clients are confused about the safety and freshness of the dishes that travel around the country to the final destination. However, there should be no concerns about the quality of the food. Each transportation is properly protected so that you get your ingredients carefully delivered to your door. Let’s see what delivery-related specificities HelloFresh and Freshly have.


Whether you order a HelloFresh breakfast option or choose any other item from the menu, it will come to you on time. There are easy and convenient delivery options. You can check on the website the regions the company works with. In most cases, the HelloFresh delivery is timely so that clients receive their orders without any delays.


Is it worth ordering from Freshly? Users admit that Freshly delivery works fast. If you place the order, you will get everything on time. Before placing the Freshly order, you should check what regions the service delivers to. In most cases, there are no issues with the ordering process from the users.

The App & Website

The comparison of the HelloFresh and Freshly reviews won’t be full without the app and website reviews. In fact, there are not many things to compare. On both websites, there’s an interesting and client-oriented interface.

When you open either the Freshly or HelloFresh page, you will see bright items, pictures of the dishes, and interactive points. You can get a subscription with ease because everything is clearly shown on the site.

In comparison to other meal delivery websites, HelloFresh and Freshly have a well-developed interface and appealing design. It will be a pleasure for you to scroll the menu, look for the relevant options and enjoy the ordering process online.


What’s the best home fresh service for clients? If you order for the first time, you may find this review quite helpful. There are tons of delivery companies offering more or less similar food items. However, this review will be handy for those users who are regular customers of such websites.

What’s better to choose if you don’t want to cook the meals on your own? You can try HelloFresh if you follow a vegetarian diet. This is the best meal delivery company to help you manage your diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. Freshly is a nice service, too. You will get normal-size portions with fresh ingredients and a wide menu list.

You can choose any service you would like to try. Both Freshly vs HelloFresh companies have nice websites and an application to make the ordering process easier. These are professional meal delivery companies with tons of positive reviews and commentaries from the clients who enjoyed the orders.


You have already learned a couple of issues about the two main delivery services for picky eaters. Now it’s time to answer some additional questions. Let’s find out even more details about the Freshly and HelloFresh services.

Can You Lose Weight with Freshly?

Eating properly is a proven way to lose weight or gain muscles. If your goal is to lose a couple of pounds or get fit, Freshly is the best option. There are different menu options for people on a diet. Following a strong diet is now easier with Freshly. You can order the meals and enjoy their proper taste with ease.

Is Freshly Already Cooked?

When you order from the Freshly online meal delivery, you will receive a precooked meal. What does it mean? Your food isn’t fully cooked; it’s still fresh and isn’t frozen. You will need a couple of minutes to heat the ingredients and put everything together. It’s an easy, safe and convenient way to eat and save a lot of time.

How Much Is HelloFresh per Serving?

The prices differ when you order from HelloFresh. In general, Hello Fresh is rather cheap if we compare different popular companies for meal delivery. You can pay $9 per serving, which is a nice offer. However, there are also more expensive items on the website. But in general, the situation with the prices is modest and will fit most clients.

Can I Cancel HelloFresh Anytime?

HelloFresh is quite flexible. When you order meals on the site, the company can help you cancel the order if anything happens. In general, you can cancel the order 5 days before the time. In this case, you may get a refund with ease. However, if you cancel the Freshly vs HelloFresh order later, the company may not get your money back due to the late cancellation procedure.

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