The Comparative Review of Gobble and Blue Apron

Short Overview

Gobble Blue Apron
Dietary preferences Classic, Lean, Vegetarian Meat, Vegetarian
Menu variety 3 meal menus 4 meal menus
Starting price 71,94$ 8,99$
Shipping costs 6,99$ 9,99$
Preparation time 15 minutes 20-40 minutes
Delivery area USA state, except Montana United States

Plan and Pricing

The two delivery shops have a great variety of food plans. Gobble offers three plans. They are Classic Dinner, Lean & Clean Dinner, and Vegetarian Dinner. The Classic Dinner is a healthy meal to be prepared within 15 minutes in Blue Apron. It uses classic recipes, and the kit’s ingredients are always fresh. The Classic dinner includes Dinner for two and Dinner for four. The first one costs 71,94$. The Dinner for four costs 143,88$ in Blue Apron.

The second Gobble plan is Lean & Clean Dinner. This is a low-carb food that is healthy for our body. You may get prepared foods in 15 minutes of cooking. There are no more than 600 calories in the meal. There are no grains and lean proteins. Here, you may also buy Donner for two for 71,94$ and Dinner for four for 143.88$.

The third Gobble kit is a Vegetarian dinner. It includes organic food for those who are on a vegan diet. The Gobble ingredients are organic, nutritious, and based on plants. The cost is the same as in other kits.

What about Blue Apron? In this meal delivery service, there are four cooking plans. They include the following:

  • Signature

This meal kit includes a lot of meat and fish. The recipe is healthy for our bodies. It is safe to eat for people with diabetes. There are other Blue Apron options if you have other problems with nutrition. You should state your preferences when you make the order. You may get from 2 to 4 recipes per week in Blue Apron. This plan costs 8,99$.

  • Signature for 4

This is an option for big groups or families who like to get together. The recipe for this kit changes every week. There are also a lot of meat and fish ingredients. The products are healthy for the body. The cost is also 8,99$.

  • Vegetarian for 2

This is a vegan and vegetarian food plan. The kit includes no meat products. The price is 8,99$ per kit.

  • Wellness for 2

It is a balanced and nutritious food healthy for everyone. There is a low card level in the products. There are three new recipes per week. The kit costs 8,99%

So, the cost comparison of Gobble vs. Blue Apron states that the last one has more plans available. So, there is a wider choice of meals. Both food delivery services have vegetarian plans. Yet, Gobble offers food based on plants. And Blue Apron provides meals having no meat at all. The price is also more affordable in Blue Apron.

Gobble main page

Types of Menu

Menu in Gobble

The menu of Gobble includes three main kits with already planned products. The client may choose the plan they need and change some of the ingredients in Gobble. Yet, there are new menus every week. There are three menu types in Gobble. They include classic menu, lean menu, and vegetarian menu. The classic one includes different ingredients with meat and vegetables. The lean dinner is for those who are on a diet. You will get a few carbs and calories in Gobble. And the vegetarian menu in Gobble includes recipes that do not contain meat.

Menu in Blue Apron

In Blue Apron, there are four types of menu. On each menu, there are a lot of different meals you can choose from. The Blue Apron will show cooking time of each of them. The menu types in Blue Apron include a signature with meat and a big signature for four people. There are also vegetarian and wellness menus in Blue Apron. The vegetarian menu of Blue Apron products contain no meat at all. And the wellness menu includes a wide range of products from meat to fruit.

In comparing Blue Apron vs Gobble, you should note that Blue Apron has a wider range of menus. There are four of them in Blue Apron, and the menus differ depending on the size of your company. You may choose kits for two or four people.

Packaging and Delivery

Gobble may be the best delivery service in the United States. It delivers kits to most US states. The only state where it does not work is Montana. There are also limits in New Mexico and Nebraska. Yet, the Gobble service constantly develops. You may check if you have delivery in your state on Gobble’s website.

The packaging box in Gobble is filled with ice and liner to keep the food fresh. So, even in case of a delay, you will get fresh products for 72 hours with Gobble. When you get the box, you see the notification about it. You should place the products in the fridge when you get them.

Blue Apron delivers the food even if you are not at home. Blue Apron cares about the quality of delivered products. The packaging is equipped with insulated liners. So, the goods are stored at the right temperature during shipping. There are different shapes and sizes of the packaging in Blue Apron. They vary depending on the weather conditions and the size of the kit.

When the order arrives, Blue Apron sends you an email message about it. Blue Apron has a mobile app where you may track your order. You can also get notifications when you need to put the kit into a fridge. All the packages are recyclable.

Which of the companies is better depending on packaging, Gobble or Blue Apron? The competitors have equally good conditions of shipping. They both use insulated linear and freezing materials. You may be sure that the product comes to your home fresh. Yet, the delivery area of Gobble is bigger than that of Blue Apron.

Cooking Process and Taste

All the meals in Gobble can be prepared within 15 minutes. Gobble tries to make the products ready before shipping. There are sauces and pasta already in the kit. There is also a meat and vegetable selection in Gobble. You should not prepare the meals for a long time or go to the shop. You already have everything you need for a good meal.

In Blue Apron, there are meals with different times for preparation. It ranges from 20 to 40 minutes on average. It is much longer in Blue Apron than in Gobble.

So, the difference between Blue Apron and Gobble is that in Gobble, you will spend less time cooking. You need to only heat the kits and cook them for 15 minutes. In Blue Apron, you will spend more time cooking and heating. So, Gobble is better about the cooking process.

Blue Apron main page

Ordering and Cancellation Process

Gobble lets its customers choose their menu themselves. This means that you will order a certain food plan. Then you can choose the products online. There is a feature called ‘customize order’ in Gobble. You may tick the ingredients you want to see on the menu. You can also order a weekly food plan. To do this, choose the kits for each day on Gobble’s website.

To start working with Gobble, you should first register on the website. Then you choose the subscription you need. There is a flexible subscription that lets you skip several weeks. You will be able to make orders on the days you want.

In Blue Apron, there is also an option to skip deliveries. Yet, you should state this 5 weeks before the delivery. On the website of Blue Apron, you may change the settings for the delivery and manage it. You can choose the day of the delivery and your address. If the address has changed, you should change it in the system. Yet, you cannot change the order if it is already shipped in Blue Apron. If you do this, you will pay all the fees for shipping back.

So, considering the ordering process, which is better Gobble vs Blue Apron? This is mostly Gobble because it offers to change the products as you wish. There are situations when the customer cannot eat separate products. The reason is their health condition. In such cases, you may remove the products from the kit or choose others. On other points, Gobble and Blue Apron are mainly similar.

Customer Support

Gobble provides a Help Center. It helps people who want to learn more information about the services. You may find the FAQ tab there. You will see the more important questions with the answers in categories. If you do not get the answer, you may always talk to customer support. In the appropriate field, you need to enter your email address and the topic of your question.

Then state the details and the manager will solve the problem. Another option is to call the support by phone. You may do the call from 5 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you can call customer support from 5 am to 1 pm PT.

The competitor Blue Apron also has a Help Center with the FAQ section. There are different categories and the searching line. You may find the question you need with keywords. If you do not find the question you need, you should contact customer support. You can do this with the form on the website.

Another option is to call the managers by phone. There are two numbers available. You may call customer support from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11 am to 6 pm. There are two weekends for the support. They are Christmas and Thanksgiving.

So, to compare Gobble vs Blue Apron, the customer support option is the same. Blue Apron is better because it has more hours to contact. Yet, it has two days in the year when you cannot contact them. And it may be important to order food on Christmas.


To sum up, the two delivery services offer quite good food plans and kits. The quality of support and choice in the menu is also of a high level. Blue Apron has more choices for vegetarian people. It also has a great variety of menus for all people. You may find different meals in one meal plan and choose what you want.

The Gobble kits are ready to eat after 15 minutes of cooking. At the same time, you should prepare Blue Apron food for about 40 minutes. Despite this disadvantage, Blue Apron is better than Gobble for different points.

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