Home Bistro Review, Healthy Meals from Iron Chef

There are a myriad of meal kit services for any liking and eating preference. Some delivery companies focus on introducing clients to certain diets, while some have much to offer in terms of no cooking or continuous discounts to sign up for the service. Alongside such representatives, Home Bistro is a top choice for those who seek restaurant-like meals crafted by recognized chefs. This Home Bistro review will share information on how it stands out from the alternatives and why choosing the Iron Chef Cat Cora dishes is a deal you cannot miss.

Short Overview (Pros and Cons)

Home Bistro is a weekly subscription service first introduced to the industry in 2014. It currently covers all the states except Hawaii and Alaska and carries the mission to help people access gourmet delicacies. You will get ready-to-eat healthy dishes with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Yet, the fanciest thing about this service is the chef who is behind the curtain. Cat Cora is a mastermind, a celebrity chef who knows everything regarding health and wellness boost by creating the right prepared foods. Another person who has recently joined the service is Daina Falk, a cookbook author who is known for crafting sports food recipes. Logically to assume, you can expect some meals that will help you keep your body fit. Check the pros and cons of the Home Bistro meal kits review.

Home Bistro main page

Pros of Home Bistro:

  • It is a good fit for eaters who follow Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Heart-health diets;
  • Run by world-renowned Iron Chef Cat Cora, who is helped by cookbook author Daina Falk;
  • Body-shred boxes to help you either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight;
  • A responsive customer support team;
  • Lots of fresh organic food offerings.

Cons of Home Bistro:

  • No vegan dishes in Home Bistro plans;
  • No delivery to Hawaii and Alaska;
  • Pricey compared to alternatives in the industry.


How much is Home Bistro? Regarding the prices, you will be surprised by their variety. To be honest, the service is not from the cheapest ones, however, what do you expect from a meal delivery company that has celebrity chefs behind and high-quality ingredients? Cat Cora’s menu and pricing involve designated boxes like:

  • 7 meals box -$184.99;
  • 10 meals box – $249.99.

When it comes to Daina Falk, she also offers:

  • Collection Combo – $139.99.

If you look for dietary preferences and super bowls, you can be offered the next:

  • 10 Meals from the Best Sellers menu – $229.00;
  • 20 Meals from the Table-For-Two menu – $299.99;
  • 10 Meals for Paleo diet – $199.99;
  • 7 Meals from the La Petite menu – $161.00;
  • 10 Meals for a Mediterranean diet – $184.99;
  • 10 Meals for a Vegetarian diet – $132.99;
  • 6 Meals for a Body Shred lifestyle – $104.00;
  • 10 Meals for a Heart-healthy diet – $159.99;
  • 10 SUPER Lunch Bowls -$99.99.

As for the shipping, you get it free for all the orders. Note, if you do not want to go for any of the boxes, you can also choose options a La Carte by visiting the Individual Meals section.

Finally, some of the top-selling delicacies include:

  • Mediterranean Chicken Breast with Labneh Sauce, Roasted Carrots;
  • Lemon-Caper Piccata Steak with Potatoes and Cauliflower Gratin;
  • Cod with Risotto and Tapenade;
  • Fire-Grilled Chicken with Herbed Risotto and Broccoli.

It would be fair to say that even by overlooking their Home Bistro menus, you may break your tongue by reading the names of the dishes. Therefore, everything really stands for high-end cuisine and prices.

Home Bistro features

How Home Bistro Works

To use the Home Bistro service, you should create an account. It won’t differ in functionality from the alternatives. You will pick the right weekly subscription meal plan or can shop for a La Carte dishes. To order, you have to provide basic information, including your personal data, payment form, as well as delivery specifications. After that, you can also modify your orders. The service currently accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master, Elo, Dinner Clubs, etc.

Beyond that, Home Bistro offers clients to buy a Gift Certificate which costs $50. Therefore, your friends or colleagues may try out the Home Bistro foods as well.

How Easy Are Home Bistro Meal Kits to Prepare?/Cooking Process

Home Bistro is known for providing meals that may not require any cooking from you. You can have some items cold or as snacks. Otherwise, there are Home Bistro recipe cards with instructions for reheating.

For instance, by using the microwave, you will need to remove the label from the meal box and put a dish inside. 1-2 minutes are pretty enough to reheat it all. If you use the oven, you have to preheat it to 350ºF degrees, remove the label, and place the food into a safe container. In this case, 12-14 minutes are enough.

All in all, reviews for Home Bistro show that cooking is very simple, and you can eat your Home Bistro dishes straight away after having them delivered to your home.

Who Is Home Bistro good For?

By overlooking the Home Bistro reviews, clients’ feedback, and just their official website, it is possible to speak of the next:

  • It is a top choice for people who love gourmet dishes and prefer the high-end style of ingredients;
  • You do not want to stay hours in front of the oven to prepare it all;
  • You have specific dietary preferences like the Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegetarian, among others;
  • You seek free shipping for all the orders;
  • You are a fan of Daina Falk recipes or want to try out something from the Iron Chef Cat Cora;
  • You want to occasionally order a La Carte.

Beyond that, based on Home Bistro ratings, it is extremely good for those who want to lose some weight by accessing healthy, low calorie recipes.

Who It Isn’t Good For?

Home Bistro meal service has a reverse side of the coin as well. For instance, it won’t be a good fit for clients:

  • Who live in Hawaii and Alaska since the delivery is not available there;
  • Who seek affordable prices because the service is pricey compared to alternatives;
  • Who have other diet preferences like vegan or Keto.

Finally, as per Home Bistro meal reviews, it should not be chosen by people who want to pay for the order by e-wallets.

Home Bistro menu

Home Bistro Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

There is no information on their recycling approach either with the site or Home Bistro meal delivery reviews, however, based on boxes you receive, they are fit for recycling. Your meals come in sealed boxes with dry ice, which keep them frozen until your door. If needed, you can reuse them, however, again, there is no information on such practices. For more information, you should contact their contact support team only.

Changing and Canceling Order

With this meal delivery, you can cancel your order at any time. Similar to other food delivery services, there is no commitment to monthly shipments. If you want to modify your order or add something extra, you can do it all via your personal account with Home Bistro. Again, for all the other information, you should reach the customer team directly.

Customer Service

With lots of reviews of Home Bistro, there was one complaint – lack of live chat. There are only two ways of reaching their customer service – either via email or online submission form. As per their official statement, the team addresses all clients’ inquiries 24/7. The representatives are pretty responsive and more than happy to guide you through their service.

The Competition/Alternatives

Now, let’s provide a comparison of Home Bistro with two alternatives. Today, let’s take FlexPro and Modify Health.

Meal Kit Service Home Bistro FlexPro Meals Modify Health
Menus available Cat Cora’s menu, Daina Falk menu,

Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegetarian, Super Bowls, Individual Meals, Best Sellers, Body Shred, Heart-Health, Table for Two menus;

Fat Trimmer which comes with 300-400 calories per dish;

Lean Muscle which comes with 500-700 calories per dish;

Plant-based gourmet menu for following a healthy lifestyle and losing weight;
Pricing Policy Home Bistro pricing

is from $99.99 up to $249.99 for meal boxes;

Fat Trimmer – $76.93 – $178.49. Lean Muscle – $94.43 – $221.42; 2 Serving plan – $51.94 to $75.92;

4 Serving plan – $59.92 to $99.88;

Shipping Free of charge; Free of charge; Free of charge;
Delivery Covers all the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska; Nationwide Express delivery; Only contiguous US;
Customer Support Not available 24/7. Not available 24/7. 24/7 Live Chat.

As you may see, two competitors, Modify Health, and FlexPro are more focused on clients that seek help with weight loss or just want to follow a healthy lifestyle. What connects them is the absence of the around the clock customer support team and free of charge shipping which is extremely good.

Home Bistro certificates


Home Bistro is definitely a service for demanding clients, those who love gourmet dishes, and those who cannot resist the high-end style of eating. The service has Iron Chef and bestselling cookbook author behind the preparation of the recipes. You will come across high Home Bistro prices on meal boxes and just pricey a La Carte dishes. Yet, you have a vast choice of plans and diet preferences. The company does not have any 24/7 live chat, but you can contact them via email. All in all, Home Bistro is the best delivery service for people of delicate taste.


Does Home Bistro Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

Home Bistro food delivery offers gift certificates which you may buy for your friends. Beyond that, you can occasionally find a Home Bistro promo code to cut the order price.

Is Home Bistro Worth the Money?

Overlooking the quality of their dishes and organic ingredients, as well as plans from renowned chefs – Home Bistro cost is all worth it. Yet, you should understand that this service is pricey and won’t fit people with low-paying capacities.

Is Home Bistro Easy to Cancel?

Yes, there are no commitments. You can check Home Bistro meal kits reviews to see how it works. Or, you can contact the customer support team to cancel your plan or make changes to your personal account with Home Bistro.

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