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How to Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

  • Prep: 3 minutes
  • Cook: 8 minutes
  • Total: 11 minutes

Air fry pizza rolls are small pieces served together with pizza. They are small frozen products with tomato sauce that are a great addition to pizza. They have such a name because they are combined with pizza and have similar toppings and ingredients. They are mainly a snack that you can eat together with other meals.

They are easy to cook, and they are great if you have little time for cooking. To prepare the meal, you should use a microwave or usual oven. This means that almost any person can afford to cook them, and the ingredients are not costly. At the same time, this meal is delicious and makes other meals taste great.

A great difference between frozen pizza rolls in air fryer and a usual pizza is that they are not ready to eat. They are frozen, and then you need to cook them in your microwave. In contrast to pizza, they do not entirely consist of natural ingredients. There are some harmful chemicals and fatty calories in this product. The chemicals keep them in a good state for a long time.

This fact means that fried pizza rolls can be harmful to our bodies. You can use them as an addition where you eat your meals, but this should not be too often. If you eat them rarely, your health will be in no danger. At the same time, they can’t be a substitute for a usual pizza because they don’t have their smell or taste. But they are delicious, so let’s look at how you can prepare homemade pizza rolls in air fryer?

  • Put the rolls into the air fryer

The pizza rolls are usually stolen in the form of frozen products. To start cooking them, you should undo the package and place them into the air fryer. You should follow the pizza rolls air fryer instructions when you do that.

First, you should place each product in the air fryer’s basket. The basket is specially designed for cooking in this way and has all the necessary features. When you use it, you can ensure that the food is not too fatty and completely fried.

Secondly, you should make sure that they are prepared correctly. This means that you need to check the basket several times during the cooking process. This also allows you to control the position of the basket and whether it is placed correctly. Sometimes, it can turn to an improper side, and you should control this.

One of the most known advantages of an air fryer is fast cooking time. When you use it, you can get your food ready within several minutes. One rule is that the less food you prepare, the less time you need for cooking. This means that the pizza rolls air fryer time is quite small. What is more, each product needs to have its own preparation time. Sometimes, you may need to use low temperatures for proper cooking.

How to Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

  • Fry for eight minutes

To prepare pizza rolls, a special period is needed. It is mainly stated in the recipe on the package. But generally, it takes eight minutes with a temperature of 390 F. The air fryer will shake the basket to fry all of them appropriately. You can reheat them later if you do not eat them at once.

  • Serve the rolls

After eight minutes, your rolls are ready to eat. Place them on a plate, and you can start eating.

Cooking your food in an air fryer makes it much tastier than in a microwave. This way, the food becomes crispy and melty fried inside. This recipe is also good because you can cook your meal quickly and easily. It is an excellent option if you do not have much time for cooking. You also do not need too many ingredients for this. You should buy frozen airfry pizza rolls and then prepare them for several minutes.

You should remember that there is no need to place a lot of food in the basket. It is especially true if you want to prepare it fast. Placing a considerable amount of food also prevents it from exploding in the fryer.

How Long to Cook Pizza Rolls in the Air Fryer with General Temperatures?

Making a sauce for the meal usually takes about five minutes. Then, you should cook the whole meal in the air fryer, which can take six minutes. At the same time, the time here can differ depending on a person’s wants. The preparation process generally takes 11 minutes, which is excellent for busy people.

How Long to Cook Pizza Rolls at 400 Degrees?

400 degrees is an appropriate temperature at which you can cook the rolls. Yet, it is pretty high so that you can prepare them for seven to eight minutes. You should wait until they are fried and crispy.

Ingredients for the Meal

The pizza rolls air fryer meal does not need too many ingredients. It contains already prepared products that you will need to cook from the frozen state. So, let’s look at what you need to start cooking:

  • Pizza rolls

These are the main ingredients for the recipe. You can buy them from a popular food brand to get high quality. There are different kinds of this product today. So, you can choose it depending on your taste preferences. One of the best-known options is the Totino brand, but you can find many others.

  • Sauce

This meal goes well with a tasty sauce. Not all people like sauces, some of you may not eat them because of health problems. But in most cases, a sauce will be a great addition. You can buy it in a shop or cook it yourself, especially for your meal. One of the best options for cooking is a garlic butter sauce.

Speaking about this product, they have the following ingredients in advance:

Products Ingredients
Meat Pepperoni seasoned pork, chicken, beef, pork, pork stock
Seasoning Pepperoni, spices, paprika, flavoring, vegetable oil
Cheese Artificial Mozzarella cheese, cheese cultures
Other products Tomato puree, enriched flour, garlic powder, corn, salt

pizza rolls air fryer

How Do You Cook Pizza Rolls in an Air Fryer?

How long to airfry pizza rolls? First, you should heat the fryer to 380 degrees before you put them in it. Then, you place them and cook them during approximately eight minutes. You can also shake them from time to time for better frying.


Can You Put Totino’s Pizza Rolls in an Air Fryer?

Yes, sure. Any pizza rolls, including Totino, are designed for heating and cooking in an air fryer. You should prepare the frozen Totino at a temperature of 380 degrees. This temperature is good if you do not place too many rolls at the same time. You should cook them for six minutes before eating and shake the basket. Before you start eating, you should wait for two minutes for the rolls to get prepared themselves.

Why Do My Pizza Rolls Explode?

Sometimes, you may want to prepare the rolls as soon as possible. But trying to reduce the cooking time using a high temperature can cause exploding. Another popular reason is placing a sauce or cheese cooked in advance into the rolls. The sauce gets overheated inside the product, and so, the food explodes.

To prevent exploding, you should try not overheating the rolls. To avoid that, you can make several holes in each roll to allow the air into them. This is also helpful for the sauce to go out of the rolls if it expands. You can also turn over the rolls after each several minutes.

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