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Top 5 Tips on How to Cook a Pit Boss Steak for Beginners 

At first, you might think that cooking meat isn’t your best skill. But it is easier than it seems. All you need is to follow the guide, find the best Pit Boss recipe, and choose relevant tools. How to cook steaks on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill? It’s easier with a step-by-step guide.

How to Cook Steaks on Pit Boss: Tools

How to cook steaks on Pit Boss? It’s an interesting question that most people ask. Whether it’s a solemn event or a regular Pit Boss dinner with a family, you want your steak to have a perfect taste. But how to cook it evenly and choose the right Pit Boss steak temperature? You should start with the right set of cooking tools.

  • Get yourself a high-quality Pit Boss grill and convenient tools to check the temperature of the steaks.
  • Choose the proper techniques. You will learn more about the grilling methods in the article.
  • It’s better to read more about the Pit Boss seasonings and marinades used to cook the steaks.

It’s not complicated. Let’s get to it and learn how to cook your Pit Boss Pellet Grill steak like a pro.

cook steaks on a pit boss pellet grill

Top 5 Tips to Cook Pit Boss Steaks

Cooking meat may cause difficulties. It’s not the easiest recipe to deal with, especially for amateurs. If you need more practical pieces of advice, you should read the next 5 Pit Boss tips. They will help you understand the whole cooking process better and set you in the right mood in the kitchen. Once you have all the Pit Boss tools on hand, you can start working with your meat.

1. Choose the Best Way to Cook Through the Meat

Whether you’re a professional cook or an amateur with no practical experience in cooking, you might wonder how to cook the Pit Boss sirloin steak so that every guest enjoys the taste of the final dish. There are different ways you can cook through the Pit Boss meat. Don’t want it to be dry or tight? You should use the following tips that will help you make your meat tender and soft.

  • Heat your grill so that the temperature is high enough to warm up the meat. Once you put the Pit Boss steak on the grill, keep it on fire for about 3 minutes on each side to reach the medium-rare effect.
  • Do you like when your meat has a more developed smoke taste? Then you should make use of this method. You need the temperature to be 200°F for about 50 minutes. Such a Pit Boss method will ensure you infuse enough air inside of the meat and make your steak taste perfectly.
  • If you make things easier, you can simply grill your steak. Turn on the heat, put your steak on the surface and close the lid.

Cooking steak on Pit Boss Pellet Grill is different. You can choose any method you like to reach the desired taste of effect.

2. Use the Tastiest Spices and Marinades

What spices should you choose to make your Pit Boss ribeye taste like in a top-notch restaurant? There are lots of spices to choose from. If you do it for the first time, you’d better stick to some basic Pit Boss recipes and combinations. Experiments aren’t welcomed when you work with meat for the first time. Steak on the Pit Boss needs extra spices to reveal its taste.

You can try different spices and marinades. Try basic garlic and onion to add spiciness to the meat. You can marinade your filet mignon using cayenne, thyme, basil, or oregano. The yellow mustard powder will also fit the Pit Boss recipe. Don’t forget about the marinades. Some people like the taste of plain meat, but it’s always a nice idea to marinate your meat before grilling.

It will give them extra tenderness and sweet flavor. And it doesn’t take much time. A couple of hours will be enough to help the meat soak in all the flavors from the spices and sauces. Try to do it before smoking steaks on Pit Boss or grilling them.

3. Choose Relevant Temperature

How to make your ​​Pit Boss Pellet Grill steaks cook evenly? The relevant grilling or smoking method is important. But what’s more important is the temperature used for the Pit Boss process. The first rule you should note is the high heat. It’s always best to cook your meat when the pot is already hot and sizzling. First off, it will give a nice crunchy coverage for the Pit Boss meat. Second of all, your steak will cook faster. Smoking a steak on a Pit Boss is best at 200°C or 400°F, depending on the system you use.

The faster you cook the meat, the better it retains its tenderness and moisture. You will enjoy eating a soft and juicy Pit Boss steak instead of a dried piece of meat. What you will also need is a thermometer to check if the Pit Boss meat is ready. You can purchase it in any store. They are easy to use and will save you from failures.

4. How Much Time Do You Need?

How much time do you need to cook through the Pit Boss steak? Everything depends on the type of meat you prefer eating. There are various time regimes used for cooking the meat. In general, it takes about 5 to 8 minutes to fully cook a one-inch piece of Pit Boss meat. This is a regular size for the Pit Boss steak. If you have a nigger piece of meat, you should double the cooking time.

  • Blue Rare will take about 2 minutes.
  • To cook the Pit Boss Rare steak, you will need 7 minutes in total.
  • Medium Rare will need one minute more on the Pit Boss grill.
  • For the Medium Pit Boss steak, you should keep your meat for 9 minutes on the grill.
  • Well-Done needs about 12 minutes to get cooked.

The calculations are preliminary. You need to experiment with your Pit Boss meat and your tools. Pay attention to the size of your steak, temperature, and other factors. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the steak, so it doesn’t burn.

​​pit boss pellet grill steaks

5. Cooking Process

Do you need to flip the Pit Boss steaks? In general, it depends on the Pit Boss steak recipe you choose to cook the meat. The debate between cooking experts is real. You can find different opinions concerning the thoughts about meat flipping. If you want to have the beautiful stripes on the surface of the meat, it’s better to flip the Pit Boss meat when it gets darker on each side.

It’s also great to flip the steaks if you want to caramelize your Pit Boss meat and reach the desired crust on both sides. However, the choice is yours. If you want to be cooked through meat, you need to flip it to ensure it gets heated from both sides equally. But don’t get too much into flipping. Otherwise, you will deal with a dried piece of meat, and no extra sauce will save it.


Do you have any additional Pit Boss questions about the grilling or smoking process? If you want to cook steak at Pellet Grill, you need practice and answers to your questions. Let’s check out what are some other issues people are concerned about. Let’s hope they will help you cook your Pellet Grill steaks evenly and reach a tender taste with the first attempt.

How Long to Cook Steak on Pellet Grill?

The time to grill or smoke your steaks depends on your personal preferences. If you enjoy a rare steak, you should go for about 2 minutes on each side. If you want a Well-Done piece of meat, you will need 12 minutes of cooking. Your task is to take into account your preferences, the size of the steak, and the temperature.

What Temperature Do You Cook Steak on a Pellet Grill?

The temperature regime will depend on the size of your Grill Pellet steak and your preferences. There are different methods to cook your meat. If you want a rare steak, you will need about 125-130°F. For the medium rare steak, you should turn on your grill on 130-140°F. The Well-Done effect can be reached with the help of 160-210°F.

How Long Do You Grill a Steak at 350 Degrees?

Since the temperature is quite high, you don’t need to keep your Pellet Grill steak too long under the lid. It’s better to keep the meat for about 2 minutes on each side and then flip it to the side to cook evenly. Such a Pit Boss technique is usually used to keep the meat tender and juicy inside. High temperatures and small-time overheats don’t let the moisture disappear.

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