Honest Hungryroot Review: The Real Truth for the Customers

The reviews of Hungryroot are mostly optimistic. But what’s behind the positive feedback? If you want to learn the real picture of the fresh meal delivery service and order something from Hungryroot, it’s time to read the review. You’ll get the necessary insights about the service and find out the perks of working with the Hungryroot team. It’s time to find the best veggie-based food delivery company and enjoy the taste of the dishes at home.

Short Overview: Pros and Cons

Hungryroot review is often requested online. Many users want to know more about the service because the number of positive Hungryroot reviews is impressive. First off, people are attracted by the concept of the website. The company offers veggie-based meals with different sauces and perfect tastes. The second reason is the simplicity of the cooking processes. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of ordering dishes:

  • You will enjoy the plethora of different tastes. The dishes are mostly plant-based, so you don’t need to overload your body with unnecessary fibers. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for vegetarians.
  • Another great option was the simplicity of the meals. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen. It’s enough to have about 15 or 20 minutes to cook the whole set of meals.
  • You can also order meal kits and groceries that saves your time on food shopping.

However, there are also some disadvantages of working with Hungryroot. It’s worth mentioning that the taste of some recipes can be quite plain. The food is simple, and there’s little diversity.

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It’s time to touch upon the Hungryroot cost and their pricing policy. Hungryroot prices are quite moderate if compared to other plant-based food companies. The lowest price you may spend on the serving is about $9, which is quite manageable. How much is Hungryroot? The cost of the services depends on the number of servings you choose. You will also need to pay more for some extravagant recipes, additional snacks, or other services. In general, the Hungryroot pricing policy is great for most of the customers. The company can also offer different Hungryroot promo code choices for regular customers. So, if you create a profile, you can make it a really good deal.

How Hungryroot Works

The reviews for Hungryroot say that customers are fully satisfied with the way the company works. The process of ordering the food is easy. If you decide to choose the Hungryroot meal reviews, you should be ready to manage the following steps:

  • When you order the Hungryroot kits, you must choose the plan. How is it done? The website will offer you a quiz. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The quiz is necessary to figure out what types of food you like the most, what your goals are, and how much you can usually order per day, a week, etc.
  • Do you follow a particular diet? It’s a specific question from the quiz. The website offers a wide range of different meal plans. Once you open all the questions from the quiz, you can build your profile. There are different filters to fill in.
  • When choosing a meal plan, you may try 2 or 4 meals with snacks and other additional foods. Hungryroot meal delivery reviews offer plant-based veggie options with simple or sophisticated sauces to fit any taste.

When ordering food from Hungryroot, you can achieve your fiber goals. Every meal is full of necessary nutrients but is still tasty to make you feel better and nicely filled.

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How Easy is Hungryroot Meal Kits to Prepare? Cooking Process

You’ll enjoy cooking with Hungryroot meal kits review because the recipes are focused on any level of proficiency. If you have nice cooking skills, you will find it easy to make some dishes for dinner. If you don’t like cooking, it’s a perfect time to train some basic steps because cooking with Hungryroot recipe cards is really easy. How much time do you need to cook? In most cases, you won’t need more than 15 minutes to work on a single meal. You don’t also need to have a lot of bowls or kitchen equipment. Most recipes require a single bowl and some cutleries.

Who Is Hungryroot Good For?

If you follow a specific diet and need to eat more fresh veggies, Hungryroot menus are a perfect choice. It is a nice place where you can find healthy options with fewer sugars and added components. The food is full of nutrients and good for your body from a health perspective. Moreover, the nutritional value is huge because the ingredients are rich in flavor and healthy nutrients.

Who Isn’t It Good For?

If you enjoy the richness of different spices, meat choices, or other specific foods, you may not like how Hungryroot tastes. The company’s focus is directed towards healthy meal options. Thus, the number of different types of dishes is limited, which may cause difficulties for the gourmets.

Hungryroot Packaging

What you should know about the packaging is that Hungryroot uses cardboard boxes to put the meals in. However, the packaging isn’t 100% eco-friendly because the boxes are sealed in plastic bags with a specific cooling gel inside of them. The plastics are both recyclable and non-recyclable. The number of plastic elements in the order is quite big, which makes the packaging not the best in terms of recyclability. However, the company is on its way towards the enhancement of this sector.

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Changing and Canceling Order

Many food delivery services accept changing and canceling procedures. And HungryRoot is one of them. When you decide you don’t need the order anymore, you can cancel it or change some components. Hungryroot food delivery can tolerate the changes in the order if you give them time to manage the basic process. However, if you leave a small amount of time, the company may reject the refund. The rule of thumb is that you can’t introduce any changes after Thursday at noon. There are clear policies on the website. And you should consult the Hungryroot manager on your particular case if you decide to cancel or change the order.

Customer Service

Hungryroot ratings are high due to their customer service, too. Not only is it the best delivery service in terms of food options. You will also benefit from the communication with the managers. Whenever you find any issues with the order, you can ask the manager to clarify the problem. Although the website is very easy to use and the interface is pleasant, users may face difficulties with the ordering procedure or choice of the HungryRoot food. In such cases, the company offers help from competent managers as a part of the customer support policy.

The Alternatives

Do you want to find another diet delivery service? Hungryroot is a perfect place for those clients who want to find a high-quality service with healthy meal options. If you want to see the alternatives, there are two more places with more or less the same pricing policy and types of menus:

  • HelloFresh is a real alternative if you want to try something new. The company offers a wide range of tastes. The food is healthy. And you can enjoy a real richness of fresh ingredients. You must be ready that the price of the services is a bit higher. But it’s a must to try.
  • Another option is Home Chef. It is similar to the previous one, and it has some common options as HungryRoot has. But this service isn’t highly focused on healthy options.

If you’re looking for organic dishes, HungryRoot will be a nice decision. But there are also other options that you can try as an alternative.

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The Conclusion

Hungryroot meal kits reviews offer veggie-based meals for the customers. If you want some clean and fresh meal choices, Hungryroot plans are best for you. The prices are also manageable for the quality of food you order from the website. It’s a perfect choice if you need to get your fresh, tasty, and organic food fast.


If you still have any concerns about the use of the meal delivery service, here are the answers to some popular questions. By reading the answers, you’ll learn even more about the healthy meal service on the market.

Is the Tracking Ever Wrong?

When you order prepared foods from the meal service, you expect to receive the dishes on time. If the tracking is ever wrong, there’s no customer satisfaction. Hungryroot can’t tolerate such communication with the clients. Thus, the tracking is always right to meet the expectations of the Hungryroot customers. You should have no worries about the quality of the tracking system.

Are Hungryroot Meals Healthy?

Yes, Hungryroot is a healthy and fresh meal service. You can find lots of healthy options on the website. The quality of the food is also approved by the customers. If you want high-quality ingredients and an easy cooking process, vegan prepared foods from Hungryroot is the best idea.

Can I Try Hungryroot for Free?

When you decide to order fresh organic food dishes, you pay for the services of the whole big team of workers. You can’t order food for free. There’s a huge team of managers, kitchen staff, and other workers who need to get revenue for their work. You should also remember about the cooking delivery services that cost a lot for the company.

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