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Best Kid Friendly Meal Kits [2021]

The food kit delivery services are the newest trend in food solutions. Kid friendly meal kits give you the ability to get everything you need. There are many benefits of using these kits that show up in our personal lives. The way these kits are set up is simple. All ingredients are individually packaged, so you have to follow the easy-to-follow recipe card. This makes it very simple to have nice food whenever you want without having to worry about overspending or overbuying your groceries.

The benefits of meal kit delivery are numerous. You can save time on food preparation, or if you’re more ambitious, you can try new recipes every night. With family meal kits, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare meals. Single people who order catered food with friends would love this service. Companies like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated offer meal kits for singles with easy-to-follow, chef-created recipes with fresh ingredients.

Modern Meal Kit Delivery Benefits

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Modern kit delivery services have broadened their audience to a wider market. It’s a convenience to have a wide range of food to choose from. It’s a relief to have a plan of preparing for lunch every day. Meal kits also help people who have little time to shop and don’t want to get taken out.

No trip to the grocery store is required, so if you get sick, you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or skipping lunch. The kits are simple and straightforward, so if you have allergies or specific dietary needs, you won’t have to worry about searching through aisles at the grocery store. This food will be fresh because it will come directly from the kitchen to your doorstep.

That means for vegetarians who do not eat meat, there is no need to pre-prepare a vegetarian food, which can be challenging sometimes if you don’t know how to create one. It’s also good for families who want to make their kids’ kits without having to add meat. In addition, family kits can be used by people who are new at cooking or want variety in their diet including young couples who are too busy with life.


Meal kit delivery services are excellent for people who plan their meal kits in advance, don’t have time to cook, need new recipes, follow special diets, or just looking for something different from takeout. The following outlines just some of the benefits of these services:

  • New recipes. Most family friendly food delivery services include recipes that are different than the regular food you might get at home. If you’re looking to try something new, these services can offer great choices.
  • Full control over your food. If you’re a picky eater or have allergies you can choose exactly what will be in your kits. This is especially helpful for people who want to follow a special diet such as low-carb or gluten-free.
  • Fuller flavor. As a professional cook, a meal kit delivery service uses better ingredients and higher-quality cooking techniques to make your food taste better.
  • Easy to use. Most services make it easy to choose food and add them to your order in a few clicks. You’ll usually be able to pick a week or a month at a time and set a delivery date if you want specific food on certain days.
  • Fuller nutrition from fresh produce. It’s hard to beat the nutrition from fresh produce, but many of the most popular takeout options include little or no fresh produce at all.

EVERYPLATE: Meal Delivery for Kids and Adults

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EveryPlate is a meal kit delivery service that provides meal kits every day, which provide natural food and healthy food. It offers convenient and healthy meal kits. Each meal kit contains all the ingredients and tools you need to cook healthy and delicious food at home – without the hassle of planning or shopping.

Entirely customizable, EveryPlate lets you choose from a wide variety of dishes, including Asian style, Western-style and Vegetarian options. And if you’re seeking something extra, like a specific spice or something different, there’s an option to add on the right when you place your order. The company’s mission is to nourish the world with healthy and delicious food.


Health benefits are essential to everyone. If your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, or you simply want to eat healthier, family friendly meal delivery services can be a great tool. But sometimes, you want to serve dinner but don’t have the time to whip up something beneficial and your family. Their delivery kits are the answer.

The reality is that Americans are busy people who often lead stressed lifestyles. That’s why delivery kits can be so appealing. They take away much of the guesswork involved in preparing food. The idea of the meal delivery kits for kids is that it includes all the ingredients to make dinner. This makes it easy for busy parents to cook food that is healthy and kid-friendly at the same time.

EveryPlate’s mission is to provide parents with the easiest, most satisfying way to cook wholesome, delicious food for their families. With sites like Blue Apron, Kitchentable Unlimited, Plated, HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, Sun Basket, to name a few, EveryPlate is on a list of companies delivering healthy and nutritious food straight to customers’ doorsteps. EveryPlate provides kid-friendly food subscription boxes full of fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes and cooking tips, and it allows customers to make every plate a family dinner table.

HELLOFRESH: Healthy Meal Kits to Make Your Kid Happy

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HelloFresh offers a variety of meal kits in a box delivered straight to the customer’s door. includes options to choose from depending on the customer. Whether you want vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or non-allergenic options, has meal kits for everyone.

The ingredients are also high-quality and sourced locally to give you the freshest lunch possible. The meat you get in your kits is hand-selected and butchered by HelloFresh’s butchers to ensure that you get the highest quality and best taste. All of this is made available at a reasonable price and contains easy-to-follow recipes and photos of the entire process to make ordering food online for the family easy and convenient.

HelloFresh is helpful for busy moms and dads and busy kids who can make their very own fast and easy food at home! It’s an excellent way for parents to teach their kids how to get involved with the dinner-making process while getting them interested in eating new foods.


HelloFresh has many kid-friendly recipes to choose from. The best part is that getting kits delivered straight to your doorstep is easy. Today, families are trying to balance busy schedules, and finding the proper nutrition and your children can become a challenge.

HelloFresh will deliver all the ingredients, including meat or vegetarian food options, fresh ingredients, and ready-to-cook recipes tailored to kids. To start receiving HelloFresh, you can either sign up online or download the HelloFresh app for iOS or Android.

GREEN CHEF: Best for Kids and Their Parents

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Green Chef is the first health-conscious meal kit for kids. The mission is to provide a convenient and fun way for families to cook and eat healthier at home. Delivery kits contain only the freshest ingredients, and our seasonal recipes are sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters. We’re all about quality, convenience, and nutrition.

Green Chef knows life as a parent can be hectic. Between school, sports practices, extracurricular activities, and work, organizing healthy boxes for your family can be difficult. That’s why the service created meal kits that are simple to use at home. Each recipe includes only the freshest ingredients, and kid-friendly food is made with non-GMO sourced protein, certified organic produce, antibiotic-free chicken, naturally raised pork, grass-fed steak, wild-caught seafood, or cage-free eggs.

Green Chef makes it easy to get your nutrition on track. Service’s recipe cards include detailed instructions so everyone can pitch in to create healthy food with minimal effort. Each week brings something new so that you can mix things up in the kitchen. Green Chef has favorite recipes that your whole family will love over time. Service’s commitment is to provide all-natural, wholesome food that is free of preservatives or artificial colors.


Green Chef is a company that provides kid friendly meal prep delivery kits for kids across the globe. The company was founded by former venture capitalist Brian Kusko and his wife Melissa Kusko, who quit their jobs to start this business. Green Chef has been providing meal kits to kids since 2012, and since then, it has expanded to different parts of the country. They provide nutritious meal kits to kids that are farm-to-table and contain ingredients that are grown on farms. The company offers additional services to different people, and they make sure to provide the best service they can.

Green Chef is the most delicious, nutritious meal plan for kids available on today’s market. Green Chef delivers all of the ingredients to cook interactive family meals right to your doorstep. Our dietitians, chefs, and farmers work together to create a unique seasonal menu filled with healthy, fresh ingredients. There are three subscription options: Green Chef One, Green Chef Two, and Green Chef Kids Three.

PURPLE CARROT: Best for Kids and Vegans

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Purple Carrot is a healthy food subscription service for families. Where families order fit meal kits for kids. All food is easy to make at home, using fresh, non-GMO, organic ingredients. Meal delivery kits designed just for kids. Each box contains all the ingredients to make two recipes. There are no recurring delivery costs or hidden fees.

Each recipe box has two kid-friendly recipes that are easy to follow and take 30 minutes or less to prepare. The goal is to bring families together by providing healthy alternatives that everyone will enjoy. Purple Carrot was created by a stay-at-home mom whose family enjoys cooking together. After feeling limited by today’s limited options, she started a kid-friendly meal kit service that is fun and easy.

The company operates with the philosophy that everyone deserves excellent taste and healthy food, regardless of their budget. Meal delivery kits for kids aim to make fresh food available to more people. Purple Carrot’s vegetarian offering comes with rice noodles, eggs, and fish sauce, and its fish and poultry offering comes with fish sauce and the option to substitute the poultry with tofu.


Purple Carrot is a meal delivery service that makes healthy eating easy for families. Purple Carrot’s mission is to bring more passion to your plate by providing joyfully purple plant-based weekly meal plans for growing food-conscious families. Purple Carrot is the first all-vegan meal delivery service for families.

Purple Carrot’s goal is to provide quality plant-based food for all family members through sustainable agriculture and bee-friendly practices. They strive to bring good health to everyone on their journey of wellness.

PURPLE CARROT has been the creator of meal kits made to order for kids since 2014. It has been recognized by Fast Company, Forbes, and Time Magazine and is backed by top-tier investors such as Greycroft and Blumberg Capital. PURPLE CARROT delivers farm-fresh ingredients to families’ doorsteps across the country. Every week, kids get three boxes for lunch and dinner, with fresh, authentic food recipes.

BLUE APRON: Best Option to Provide Kids With Different Meal Kits

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Blue Apron is bringing weekly meal-kit delivery to families for the first time with the launch of two new meal plan options and a website that makes it easier than ever for families to start cooking great lunches at home. The new Family Plan and Family Deluxe Plan, available at, gives families — and kids — everything they need to cook simple, satisfying home-cooked food. Blue Apron is the first meal kit company to offer such high-quality service and value directly to families.

Food is the best way to bring families together. However, making a home-cooked meal can get tedious. Luckily, there’s an easier way to do it! Blue Apron offers a range of kid-friendly meal kits to help you make delicious lunches.

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients to the homes of its subscribers, who pay a monthly fee for this service. It is also known as Blue Apron Meal Kits. Blue Apron enables families to send money to a family member in need. Blue Apron For Kids provides weekly food making kits for kids, healthy meals for kids, and lunches without allergens.

It is different from traditional food companies because it offers fresh food delivered to your doorstep. The kits help families prepare nutritious and delicious lunches at home. A consumer survey showed that Blue Apron and other meal kit delivery for families are the best option for parents and other family members to provide kids with different meal kits.


Blue Apron is an excellent option for parents who want to provide their kids with different meal kits. It makes it easy to cook excellent food at home every day, no matter the age of your kids. The lunches are fresh, and you can cook any dish coming from your imagination. The famous recipe is one of the most requested by its customers. This recipe includes tacos made with duck meat, poblano peppers, radishes, onion, cilantro, tortillas, and seasonings.

It is a fact that kids have the most discerning palates. They are hard to please, hard to feed, and often hard to manage. But even though they are having a little more trouble eating well-balanced recipes, it is possible to do so by choosing meal kits for kids. Kids are picky eaters, and there’s no doubt about that. And thanks to their creativity, they can be fussy eaters, too.

Blue Apron is giving parents an extra hand in preparing meals. It’s the best option to provide kids with different meal kits. The following adjectives best describe the company: online food delivery, online food kit, online food shopping, online grocery shopping for family, grocery shopping for family, grocery shopping service, grocery delivery service, easy food shopping.

The audience for this company has the highest rate of the following traits: busy people who like to save time, busy people who want to save money, dynamic women who like to save time, active women who like to save money. The following statement best describes the company: Blue Apron is an American meal kit delivery service that delivers ingredients and recipe cards for lunches via mail. Its customers cook all food at home using the recipes.

Final Thoughts

Meal kit delivery services make it possible to enjoy fresh lunches cooked by professional chefs. Once you have selected the type of food you would like, the chefs will cook your selection of ingredients. The ingredients are delivered in sealed bags which can be stored in the freezer until you are ready to begin cooking.

The benefits of a healthy diet are lengthier and healthier lives for all people. The benefits of technology are improved efficiency and convenience. When you put those together–healthy lifestyles and technology – you get a new kind of service perfect for a modern audience: meal kit delivery. Meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh make it easy to buy and quickly prepare dishes at home. But while these food delivery services may be suitable for filling bellies, they’re not the best option.

Meal Delivery Services FAQ

Is HelloFresh Kid Friendly?

HelloFresh offers kid-friendly meal kits for families. While the company states it is geared toward college students, anyone living alone can take advantage of HelloFresh’s convenient and healthy dinners. Each week, cooks choose from three recipes based on their preferences, with ingredients delivered to their door. The weekly meal plans are kid-friendly, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Does Home Chef Have Kid Friendly Meals?

HelloFresh builds meals that are healthy, delicious, and kid-friendly. Wholesome ingredients, flexible meal options, and kid-friendly recipes make HelloFresh an excellent choice for any family. The high-quality ingredients in HelloFresh’s meal kits make it a perfect choice. HelloFresh offers a wide variety of recipe options, from Asian cuisine to Italian classics, to name a few. Families who subscribe to HelloFresh will build a different lunch every time, with some nights featuring a slow cooker option.

What Is a Good Kid Friendly Meal?

The best lunch is the one that your family will enjoy eating together. Take into consideration when everyone is eating when picking when and what you’ll make for dinner. Also, consider how much work you want to put into preparing the dinner. The best lunch to pack in a kid-friendly lunch for school is not a sandwich. While your kids may love sandwiches, they are notoriously tricky to make and can be lacking in nutrition.

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