Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron: Choose the Best Food Delivery Service

The meal-kit industry is rapidly expanding and changing, with new companies joining all the time. To keep up with the competition, more established companies frequently increase and update their product offerings. There are no two meal kit companies alike. They have distinct offerings and, as a result, specific target audiences.

In this review, we compare two companies that are both very interesting in their own right. Blue Apron is one of the largest and longest-running healthy diet meal kit companies, and Marley Spoon is the meal delivery service owned by Martha Stewart, the queen of the American kitchen. Both companies are impressive, offering a wide variety of high-quality meal options, but they also have their differences.

Let’s get started and see how Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron companies compare.

Short Overview: Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron

Marley Spoon is a customizable subscription service. As a customer, you will receive fantastic recipes and pre-measured ingredients for meals of your choice every week. You will be able to select your favorite recipes from the weekly menu, as well as how many people will be joining you and how many meals you want to receive.

On the other hand, Blue Apron is a firm that provides its clients with chef-created recipes such as fast top-rated plates, one-pan dishes, and delectable Mediterranean food. These Blue Apron dishes are supplied in insulated cartons, ensuring their freshness.

Marley Spoon Blue Apron
Dietary preferences Dairy-free, gluten-free, traditional, vegetarian, kid-friendly Vegetarian, vegan, GMO-free, family-friendly, gluten-free, omnivore, hormones free
Menu variety 14 recipes per week 29 recipes per week
Starting price $6.99 per serving $9.99 per serving
Shipping costs $0 $0
Prep time 30 minutes 90 minutes
Delivery area 48 states 48 states

The winner: Marley Spoon.

Martha and Marley Spoon main page

Plan and Pricing: Marley Spoon or Blue Apron?

Blue Apron and Marley Spoon both offer two plan options.

The plans of Marley Spoon are pretty adaptable. There are two plans available: a 2-person plan with two, three, or four dishes each week and a 3- or 4-person family plan with two, three, or four boxes per week.

Blue Apron has two plans: the 2-person plan, which includes 2 or 3 dishes per week, and the family program, which provides 2 to 4 plates per week for 4 people. With a regular signature diet, you may have two servings each week while eating various meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Blue Apron’s Freestyle, on the other hand, is specifically created for those who are attempting to reduce weight and want to make easy-to-cook dishes.

Let’s make a cost comparison between Marley Spoon and Blue Apron. Marley Spoon’s regular price is $48 for two people for two meals per week. Blue Apron also charges $48 for two meals per week for two people.

The winner: Marley Spoon.

Types of Menu: Which Is Better Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron

When it comes to Marley Spoon and Blue Aprons recipes, these food delivery services provide a wide range.

Marley Spoon

The cuisine at Marley Spoon is relatively standard, but with veggies that are both good and nutritious. Of course, all of those recipes are simple to create and will not take up much of your time. It is worth highlighting two of Marley Spoon’s most excellent dishes: tortellini casserole and chicken breast.

Everyone who enjoys a tasty, home-cooked, and nutritious supper! You get all of that with Marley Spoon. Customers who adore Martha Stewartєs personality, recipes, cooking advice, and culinary skills should also subscribe! Vegetarians, vegans, aficionados of Mediterranean seafood dishes, gourmet, classic American dinners, and those who like natural and seasonal organic food.

People who have dietary restrictions such as gluten, dairy, or carbs/calories should join and relish Martha Stewart dishes every night! Last but not least, a family-friendly meal plan that is suitable for both adults and children!

As with Marley Spoon, it is necessary to highlight some of the best dishes. Farro salad, roasted vegetables, and a Parisian stake are just a few of the dishes on the menu.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron provides its clients with a diverse selection of meals. They range from traditional home cooking recipes to highly sophisticated feasts. Blue Apron recipes are straightforward, and you can create them quickly. Most Blue Apron meals take around an hour to make.

The winner: Blue Apron.

Packaging and Delivery

Blue Apron and Marley Spoon delivery are packaged in custom-designed, well-labeled cardboard cartons. However, that is where the resemblance ends. There are several significant distinctions to be aware of.

Each recipe in Marley Spoon is arranged and labeled in a separate paper bag. The box contents are well-organized, with perishable products packaged in a cotton bag with enough ice to keep them cold. Everything has already been completed. All you have to do is store the items in your refrigerator and pantry.

On the other hand, Blue Apron boxes are not separated, and everything is thrown together unmarked in one box. It will be your responsibility to sort the components. Spices are packaged individually in a tiny bag, but the rest of the ingredients are mixed. Refrigerated goods are packed with ice at the bottom of the box to keep them cold outside the refrigerator.

Be aware that you will need to spend some time organizing your Blue Aprry, so keep that in mind.

The winner: Marley Spoon.

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Cooking Process and Taste: The Difference between Blue Apron and Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart, the chef of Marley Spoon, is knowledgeable about cooking techniques. Still, more importantly, she knows how to modify recipes so that customers with no cooking experience can cook and succeed! Learning to cook with Martha is an essential aspect of this meal kit service. The best way to cook is to follow the six simple steps on the recipe card – printed or online – and you will have a home-cooked dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less! On each recipe card is a sign indicating the level of skill required – in most cases, “easy level.” The dish tag “one-pot meal” implies using only one plate, which is advantageous for cleanup!

The majority of services, including Blue Apron, provide recipe cards. They give thorough instructions and assist you in making dinner with prepared foods. However, if you have never cooked before, you may find it challenging to follow all directions, as dinner preparation with this service involves multitasking. As a result, before you begin cooking, properly examine the cards to prevent making any errors. In addition, each kit includes nutritional values sheets for the meals you selected.

Of course, you cannot have a good dish if the ingredients are not good. Meal kit services must establish a standard for the quality of meals they provide to their clients. That is critical to their company’s success. Let’s now examine the quality of the ingredients available to Marley Spoon and Blue Apron.

Also, it is necessary to specify the size of the pieces you will receive. Blue Apron’s servings are relatively tiny; nevertheless, the quality of those portions compensates. Blue Apron, a meal kit business, promises that the meat in its recipes has no hormones. In addition, some of their veggies and fruits are organic, as well as fresh. When it comes to Marley Spoon servings, they are slightly larger than Blue Apron. However, quantity is not always synonymous with quality. When it comes to the quality of the ingredients, we can state that they are excellent. They are all chosen from farms that were carefully selected to form a good network.

The winner: Marley Spoon.

Ordering and Cancellation Process

Marley Spoon allows its customers to change between the 2-person and 3-4 person plans at any time. Before you decide to cancel your Marley Spoon membership, check with customer service to see any other options. There are solutions to issues, such as recipe modification and a flexible delivery timetable.

If nothing else works, you may cancel your Marley Spoon automatic shipment membership at any time and for no cost! To do so, go to your account’s “Settings” page and select “Stop Subscription.” If you have any difficulties doing so, please contact Customer Service through email.

Blue Apron allows consumers to modify or amend their meal plans for the next week. To cancel your Blue Apron membership plan, you must send an email to their customer service staff. Blue Apron will provide you instructions on how to cancel your account. While this may appear inconvenient, many food firms follow this guideline if you change your mind rather than just unsubscribing online.

The winner: Marley Spoon.

Customer Support

Suppose you wish to contact the Marley Spoon Customer Service department to express your issues, inquiries, or complaints, or just to ask about their products and services. In that case, you may do so by calling them immediately.

Blue Apron’s Customer Support is pretty decent, with employees answering the phone within 15 seconds. The representatives are courteous and helpful, and they will gladly answer any of your inquiries. They frequently refer to their clients as “chefs,” which is refreshing and inspiring, especially if you are cooking for the first time.

Any problems you may have can be resolved in a matter of minutes. The wonderful thing about Blue Apron’s customer service is that they care about their customers by offering a fast and reliable encounter.

The winner: Blue Apron.

Conclusion: Compare Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron

After checking out all of the categories and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of both Marley Spoon and Blue Apron, it is time to make a final selection. Marley Spoon is the best delivery service between these two competitors.

It is difficult to find time for cooking with hectic schedules and after-school activities. But, if you do not have time for it, you may still create a home-cooked meal with the aid of a meal kit service! Cooking, according to Martha Stewart, is a stress-relieving and enjoyable pastime.

Let’s call it a day! The most noticeable characteristic of Marley Spoon is the use of local, natural ingredients that are acquired at the peak of the season. When you combine Martha’s guidance and culinary techniques with high-quality products, you obtain a meal kit suited for people of all ages and food preferences!

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