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Meal Kits for Large Families

Today, people need to spend a lot of time at work and at cleaning their houses. They may not have much time cooking food. At the same time, usual fatty deliveries may harm your health. It is especially true to large families with young children. In such cases, there are family food deliveries with homey organic ingredients. Here, you will find the list of the best meal kits for large families.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh main page

HelloFresh is one of the biggest companies that offer kits for large families. The delivery service provides large family meal plans with nutritious ingredients. The company creates a new meal plan each week. It focuses on delivering fresh kits for different people. It can be a great option to one person, a couple, or a family of 7. HelloFresh service offers kits with low calories and fast preparation. There are also recipes for vegetarians. There are no fatty foods that can be harmful to your health. The advantage of the service is that it can be used by obese people, diabetes people, or young children. The food will be great both to parents and children. You can also offer small plates to your children.

Price From 7.5 to 9 dollars
Price for shipping 9 dollars
Recipes Classic, vegetarian, low-calorie, premium

HelloFresh Meal Plans

HelloFresh is a great meal delivery to large families and single people. HelloFresh creates a homey atmosphere by offering delicious large family kits. The kits are healthy and organic; that is why they will not harm your children’s health. You may state in your order how many children products you need. They will provide the necessary amount of food in each meal and quality ingredients. HelloFresh is a delivery service that offers organic recipes to a large family table. All the ingredients are easy to cook, and the cooking process does not take much time. Each kit contains fresh kits with a lot of vegetables helpful to your health.

The service has a unique large family plan with meal kits for a family of 5 and more people. One of the most popular kits in the company is hot chicken. The chicken is mixed with potatoes and broccoli and is spiced with honey. Another great option is pork chops glazed with maple. It also contains roasted potatoes and salad. The chicken can also go with beans and rice. You may also choose the ingredients you want to see. There are affordable prices for all the kits.

Home Chef

Home Chef main page

Home Chef is determined to provide fast prepared foods. With today’s pace of life, you may not have enough time to prepare the dinner yourself. What you need are products you may only heat and eat. With Home Chef meal delivery for large families, preparation is easy. You need only several minutes to heat the kits, and then enjoy dinner with your family. Home Chef offers affordable kits with a range of kits. For example, you may order kits you should prepare within 30 minutes. Another option is express plans if you hurry up for work. There are also kits with ready foods that should only be heated. So, here you can enjoy a diverse menu for the whole large family.

Price 9 dollars for one serving
Price for shipping 7 dollars
Recipes Meat and sausage foods, up to 6 servings

Home Chef Meal Plans

Home Chef offers the most delicious large family plans with products of the highest quality. The meals delivery service mainly offers classic food plans. At the same time, there are different types of classic plans using a lot of flavors.

Home Chef is a great meal delivery service for a family of 6 people. You may also buy meals for a single person, two people, or more. To do this, you should state the number of servings you need in your order. The servings go to each dish in the meal kit. One advantage of the service is its protein meal kit.

You may add it for free to your order and enjoy the kits. Another benefit the service provides to its customers is a customized menu. It is you who decide what ingredients are in the meal. You choose the necessary products, and the service prepares them. If you change your mind, you may also change the products in your plan. Yet, remember to do that before the meal kit starts shipping.

The most popular meal boxes for large families in Home Chef include the ones with meat. You may order a sausage and pepper meal glazed with cheese and peas. Another option is to order beef meals with corn or pork with rice and peas.


Dinnerly main page

Dinnerly is a meal delivery service known due to its low prices on meal kits. It offers the most affordable prices in the USA. This is a great benefit to large families because raising children takes a lot of money. The service will let large families both eat fast-ready food and economize. There are also discounts on your first orders.

At the same time, the company prepares simple and tasty meals that even young children can eat. With Dinnerly, you will not need to create your large family plans. There is no need to waste your time on cooking that takes much effort. You should only register on the website and create your weekly meal plan. The service will cook the kits and deliver ready products to your house.

Price Minimum of 4,69 dollars
Price for shipping 9 dollars
Recipes Chicken products

Dinnerly Meal Plans

Dinnerly is one of the best delivery services for large families. It offers affordable prices to save your family budget. The company offers simple meal kits great both to adults and their children. You may eat the kits at your large family dinner. Another option is to invite guests to have meals together.

Most of the recipes in the meal service are easy to cook. The cooking process often takes no more than 30 minutes. You should not search for information about the preparation. On the website of the company, you may see easy instructions. The website offers an online recipe card where you will find the recipes for all meal kits in the service. Together with the low price, the service offers high-quality meal plans. What is more, you have fewer ingredients in each meal. That is why the cooking process is easier and faster.

What are the best meal kits for large families in Dinnerly? One of the best meals the company offers is chicken with mashed potatoes. It also contains herbs, so it is a great option for those who like a balance between meat and vegetables. Other options include steak with garlic cream, chicken with carrot and peanuts, and chicken pasta.

Sun Basket

SunBasket main page

The main feature of Sun Basket meal delivery service is their healthy products. The company is known for delivering organic, nutritious kits ready to eat. This means that you get the ready ingredients without the need to prepare them. You can only heat the meal kits and serve them on the table.

All the ingredients are healthy; that is why you may be sure that your children stay healthy. The meals will be great both for adults, young children, and guests. In Sun Basket, you will find gluten-free meals and products with low carb. There are also options for vegetarians and vegans. There are a lot of recipes for fish lovers, as well as Pescatarian food. Depending on the needs of your large family, you may choose one or more recipes for the weekly delivery.

Price Minimum 9 dollars
Price for shipping 7 dollars per week
Recipes Classic, Vegetarian, Paleo, Mediterranean, Pescatarian

Sun Basket Meal Plans

Sun Basket is a delivery service with the healthiest meals. It cares about your health and physical state. For this reason, the company tries to choose the ingredients of the highest quality. The kits are useful for your and your children’s health. The organic ingredients are also sustainable and tasty. There are a lot of delicious recipes with fresh products.

In the service, you may order delivery to your home every week. To do this, you should register on the website and create your meal plan. You should establish a plan for each day of the week. After this, you pay the order and get the meal kits until the next week. Sun Basket also offers a special online recipe card for children. So, you will be able to please your kids with delicious kits designed especially for them. The meal boxes for children also contain instructions for them to help with the cooking. So, your kids will learn how to cook different products and have fun.

What are the best meal kits in the service? The most popular meals in Sun Basket are those of pork and chicken. There are also turkey meals on the menu together with peas. You will also get chicken with pepper and pasta.

Fresh and Easy

Fresh and Easy main page

Fresh and Easy has created delivery for large families not so long ago. The service has a great plan that fits both small and large families. It has recipes healthy for children and teenagers. So, you will be able to feed all the large family using the company’s kits. Fresh and Easy is a convenient delivery service whose large family meals are fast to prepare. The large family plan is designed in the form of home food. At the same time, it focuses on fast cooking that will save your time. After you cook the meal kits, you will not need to do much cleaning up. That is why the service is a great opportunity to have time for your family and work. It saves your time and at the same time allows you to enjoy a family dinner.

Price 9 dollars
Price for shipping 7 dollars
Recipes Classic, Low-calorie, Low carbs, Vegetarian

Fresh and Easy Meal Plans

Fresh and Easy is a food delivery company that has created a special plan for large families. There are different menu types in the large family meal plan. For example, they include meals that take much time for cooking. It is an option for large families who have time for preparation. If you want to cook dinner yourself or with your children, choose this menu. At the same time, if you are a busy person who wants ready kits, choose the 15-minute recipe. The meal kit will be ready to eat after 15 minutes of cooking. You may also find completely ready meals from the oven or grill. The service is also good at creating tasty salads. This can be a good option to create a healthy diet for your kids.

The company also provides special trays for kits. This will let you heat the dinner if you do not have the necessary dishes. The trays mainly go for free. After the preparation, you can remove the trays and do not clean up. The meal service offers a maximum of six servings for six family members. You may also order fewer meals if you have a small family. One of the favorite meals in Fresh and Easy is cherry meatballs with cheese and broccoli. Another option is to order chicken with peas. These two meals are completely ready. And you may also order a great 15-minute cooking pork with wontons.

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