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Metabolic Meals food delivery service is from Missouri. Good nutrition helps all those who want to lose and maintain the right weight. The Metabolic Meals menus are very varied. A professional chef prepares dishes with the freshest ingredients. Such a healthy diet will help you gradually lose those extra pounds and improve your health. Let’s consider all the nuances and details in this Metabolic Meals meal kits review.

Short Overview (Pros and Cons)

As Metabolic Meals reviews state, you will save over ten hours a week in shopping, food planning, and cooking. This company cares about the health of its customers and offers healthy organic food. And world-famous chefs will prepare it for you.

Meal delivery is carried out directly to your door. Just heat it in the microwave. The menu includes American, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisine.

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  • Menu changes weekly;
  • Each dish is fairly low in carbohydrates and calories;
  • You can choose your portion size (great for couples and large families);
  • No food preparation is required. You just need to reheat food in the microwave;
  • Fresh and high-quality products;
  • Organic ingredients and proteins;
  • The taste is great;
  • Amazing customer service;


  • As Metabolic Meals meal kits reviews state, shipping is quite expensive. You get free shipping only when ordering 15 or more dishes;
  • The food choices are limited for a vegan or vegetarian.
  • Only two Metabolic Meals plans


How much is Metabolic Meals? Well, the service has two plans: “My Choice” and “The Chef’s Choice”. The first option prices start at around $11 per serving. The second option prices start at around $26. The Metabolic Meals pricing depends on the type of dish, its size, and your location.

For lunch and dinner, you will pay about $12 for a small portion and about $17 for a large portion. Breakfasts are cheaper — the price starts from $11 to $15. Metabolic Meals cost for snacks and treats is approximately $44.

Delivery is free if you order more than 15 dishes. Otherwise, you pay a fee of approximately $20 for shipping. Dishes are delivered to all states except Alaska. The delivery time is approximately 3-5 days.

You can use the Metabolic Meals promo code to save from 20% to 40% of your money on orders or shipping.

Metabolic Meals how it works

How Metabolic Meals Works

The company’s menu includes more than 160 first courses, as well as a wide variety of breakfasts and healthy treats. There are over 30 new dishes to choose from each week. Dishes will suit all tastes. There are turkey tacos, bison burgers with caramelized onions, and broccoli with pecans, etc. But there are very few vegetarian and vegan options. Therefore, as numerous reviews of Metabolic Meals say, this delivery is unlikely to be suitable for people who don’t eat animal food.

All foods are gluten-, soy-, and wheat-free. You can also exclude nuts, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, etc.

Ordering prepared foods at Metabolic Meals is easy. First, choose from a menu plan: “My Choice” or “The Chef’s Choice”. If you choose the first option, you yourself combine products from the weekly menu. If you choose the second option, a weekly menu will be created by the chef based on your preferences. You will need to answer the following questions:

  • How many times a week would you like to eat Metabolic Meals dishes?
  • What dishes do you prefer?
  • What portions do you need?
  • Do you need snacks?
  • What day to deliver suits you?

After that, enter your payment and shipping information.

Why is the Metabolic Meals service one of the best? Let’s look at what other Metabolic Meals meal delivery reviews say! Firstly, the company uses natural, organically grown ingredients and proteins in its cooking. They don’t contain antibiotics. There are also no artificial colors, flavors, refined sugar, soy, or gluten. All products are nutritionally approved. Secondly, they are prepared by real professionals. You can choose from a wide selection of products that you love.

How Easy Are Metabolic Meals Meal Kits to Prepare?

All dishes are fresh and never frozen. When you receive your box with all the dishes, be sure to put all the food in the refrigerator. They can usually be kept unopened in the refrigerator for about 5 days. They can also be frozen and stored in the freezer for up to two months.

To cook them, you need to put the box with the dish in the microwave. Punch a few holes in the protective plastic film before doing this. The specific preparation time is written on Metabolic Meals recipe cards.

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Who Is Metabolic Meals Good For?

Metabolic Meals is good for those who:

  • Want to lose weight;
  • Very busy and want to cook healthy dishes quickly;
  • Don’t like to cook and want to eat deliciously;
  • Want to get a variety of food every day.

Who Metabolic Meals Isn’t Good For?

Reading many Metabolic Meals meal reviews, it is clear that vegetarians and vegans don’t appreciate this delivery because there are very few dishes to suit them. It is also not the cheapest meal service. That is why many will be looking for more affordable options.

Metabolic Meals Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Metabolic Meals uses eco-friendly packaging because it doesn’t harm human health and nature. When interacting with hot food, the packaging material doesn’t emit carcinogenic substances, which has a positive effect on its taste and useful properties.

  • The packaging is convenient and practical;
  • Cardboard boxes provide easy transportation;
  • Eco-packaging for food is easily biodegradable;
  • Metabolic Meals food boxes are suitable for heating food in the microwave;
  • It is convenient to eat from containers at a picnic outside the house;
  • Products are suitable for hot and cold food, they don’t deteriorate when exposed to temperatures;
  • Metabolic Meals 100% natural packaging is made from certified materials.

Changing and Canceling Order

You can easily make changes to your menu plan, payment method, and shipping information. For this, log into your online account and make edits in the order.

You can also cancel a repeat payment authorization at any time by calling or emailing. Such a request has to be received by Metabolic Meals by 9:00 am ET Wednesday to prevent the next week’s food charges from being charged.

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Customer Service

If you have a question regarding pricing, shipping, or plan details, please can contact Metabolic Meals by phone or email indicated on the official website.

If you don’t get the answer to your specific question, then call 855-355 and speak to a customer service representative from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm ET.

The Alternatives

  • Metabolic Meals vs. Freshly

Many reviews for Metabolic Meals state that this service is for those who prefer healthy food. You can choose from two types of menus — “My Choice” and “The Chef’s Choice”, which include dishes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Metabolic Meals products are free of gluten, food colors, wheat, soy, and other harmful food additives.

All products are organically grown. All dishes are developed by a nutritionist and are optimally balanced. You will consume between 1200-1400 calories per day. Still, there is almost no interesting and tasty food for vegetarians and vegans on the menu.

Freshly is suitable for those who prefer delicious homemade food. You can choose from 40 dishes every week for a variety of different diets. These are low-carb, vegetarian, dairy-free, calorie-free, etc., dishes. Freshly also uses only fresh and natural ingredients with no harmful food additives.

In one day of nutrition from Freshly, you will consume about 1500 calories. All ingredients are healthy and balanced.

  • Metabolic Meals vs. Sun Basket

As we previously said, dishes from Metabolic Meals are great for those who want to lose weight or have some kind of food restrictions. Metabolic Meals food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It is good for balancing blood sugar and losing weight. Menu options include a chicken and black bean burrito, a buffalo burger, a sweet casserole, and more. All dishes are easy to reheat in the microwave. All packages are safe. The Metabolic Meals prices will be about $10-15 for a dish per day.

Sun Basket is healthy, ready-to-cook dishes. You can choose from a variety of menu plans, including those for diabetics or those on a low-carb diet. All dishes are also organic. Every week you will have a box of ingredients and recipes for them. It’s also easy to prepare. You just need to heat it in the microwave. The packaging doesn’t emit harmful substances when heated. The price of a dish per serving will be about $12-15.

Sun Basket operates throughout the United States. You can change, pause, or cancel your order at any time. Delivery is paid separately.

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The main advantage of Metabolic Meals is healthy and high-quality food. This is what makes Metabolic Meals ratings get higher and higher every week. Although it only provides two menu plans, all the ingredients are fresh. And the chefs make really tasty and interesting dishes from them. Even though most of the dishes are meat-based and not suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the chefs prepare really healthy, balanced, and, most importantly, delicious dishes, taking care of their customers.


Is Metabolic Meals Easy to Cancel?

Yes, this is one of the few deliveries that make it easy to make changes to an existing order. To do this, you need to call the number or write to the support service by email or phone indicated on the official website.

Is Metabolic Meals Worth the Money?

This delivery is definitely worth the money. Even though it is slightly more expensive than the other food delivery services, it is preferred by people who monitor their weight. It is important to get all the nutrients they need every day to stay healthy. Many of them are willing to pay even more for such an excellent and best delivery service.

Can I Try Metabolic Meals for Free?

No, the service doesn’t provide such an option. If you want to taste Metabolic Meals dishes, you need to choose one of the food plans, order the dishes you want, and pay for delivery. You will 100% be happy and want to use this service over and over again.

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