Mosaic Foods Review of the Best Meals

There are a lot of healthy food deliveries which you can choose from. Today, food delivery is a great option to save time and get a tasty dinner. Many people choose to bring prepared foods to their homes.

Short Overview

The company is one of the best meal deliveries, as we see in the Mosaic Foods review. Mosaic offers delicious meals with unusual recipes. Their professional cooks prepare quality dishes. In addition, all the dishes are fresh and organic. At the same time, you can enjoy affordable Mosaic Foods prices. The website is easy to use. This means that you will order and get your products fast.

Yet, there are some disadvantages to Mosaic. In reviews for Mosaic Foods, you can see that it has too much packaging. You will need lots of space in your freezer to store the meals. So, you can’t buy a lot of products at once. The shipping is fast within two days. But it is expensive. You will not need to pay the shipping fee if your order is more than 100 dollars. Most of the meals include carbs.


In the company, you will find a great variety of tasty meals. Mosaic Foods menus include six Mosaic Foods plans. The best meals in Mosaic include vegetable bowls, Premium meals, soups, and oat bowls. Apart from usual meals, you can find a wide range of ingredients for vegan and vegetarian diets. Most of the products contain vegetables or are plant-based.

How much is Mosaic Foods? The Mosaic Foods cost ranges from 5 to 11 dollars, depending on the meal kit you choose. There is also a Mosaic Foods promo code for constant customers.

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How Mosaic Foods Works

How can you order Mosaic Foods recipe cards? To start working with Mosaic, you should create a subscription. There are different options for subscriptions. For example, you can order it for 1 week, 2 weeks, and others. First, register on the website and pay the days you need. Then you should look through the available Mosaic Foods meal reviews on the website. Choose the prepared foods you like most. Mosaic Foods lets the customers cancel or change the order at any time. You can also skip a week if you need. There are no fees for canceling the order.

In each meal plan, there is a lot of Mosaic Foods food delivery healthy diets. Look through the available options and choose the best one for you. You can find organic food for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. There is an option to order dishes for each meal every day. So, you should not worry about preparing meals. Your kits will be delivered to your home.

Then, Mosaic Foods will deliver the meals to you. The Mosaic Foods reviews state that all the products are frozen. They are of high quality and stay fresh during the route. After you use the delivery, you can easily recycle the packaging. It is vital to keep the meals in your freezer. There is no need to cook dinner. You can only heat it in your microwave to eat.

How Easy Are Mosaic Foods Meal Kits to Prepare?

All the meals in the Mosaic Foods meal kits reviews are fresh and frozen. They are stored in packaging with dry ice. Mosaic prepares the meals in advance. In the packaging, you get the ready foods of high quality. When you get the meals, you should put them in the freezer. There, you can store the dishes for up to three months. On each meal kit, you will see the sticker with the expiration date. It is important to follow these requirements to get a healthy dinner.

After you get the meals like in the Mosaic Foods meal kits review, you should heat them. Then, the products are ready to eat almost at once. You should only heat them for 2 minutes, and then you can eat them. So, the cooking process in Mosaic Foods is easy.

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Who Is Mosaic Foods Good For?

Mosaic Foods is an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians. Most of the meal kits include fruit and vegetables. There is little food with meat or fish. All the products are organic and contain low fat. If you need a special vegan diet, you can enjoy it on the website. But the usual meal plans in the company are already prepared for vegetarians.

Who Isn’t It Good For?

People who do not like plant-based products will not enjoy meal delivery. On the website, you will not find fatty, fried dishes for your pleasure. The menu is mainly designed for vegetarians. It can also be used by overweight people. If you do not need a special diet, this option is not for you.

Mosaic Foods Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Reviews of Mosaic Foods say that the meals are delivered fresh and frozen. The best delivery service provides quality packaging for organic products. The meals stay fresh because of dry ice in the delivery boxes. Moreover, the shipping does not last for more than 2 days. That is why the products have time to stay healthy. Then you should put the products in your freezer. If you do it later, the ingredients remain fresh. The packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Mosaic Foods cares about the sustainability of the products and packets. So you can be sure that the boxes you get are eco-friendly.

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Changing and Canceling Order

As we see in the Mosaic Foods meal delivery reviews, you can easily skip, change, and cancel your order. In addition, mosaic does not have any fees for canceling the subscription. So, you can choose a flexible schedule of deliveries.

You can change the number of meal kits and ingredients on the menu. The website has a Customer Portal. There, you can ask the managers to adjust your delivery. It can be helpful if you want to change the frequency. You may also discuss with the managers the number of products in your meal delivery plan. It is also beneficial if you need to skip a week or more. The Mosaic Foods meal service also lets the customer cancel the subscription. To do this, you should contact customer support.

Customer Service

The company has the best Mosaic Foods ratings depending on its customer service. There are customer support managers ready to help you. You can address customer support for any problems related to Mosaic Foods. What kinds of problems can you face?

  1. You make the payment, and the order disappears – the manager will return your money or deliver the dishes to your home
  2. You want to create a new schedule of the food delivery services – you can do it by addressing the customer support
  3. You do not understand how to change the diet – the managers will do it manually.

To address the customer support service, you should contact them by email. You will get the answer within the next two hours. Another option is to submit a request on the website. In the request, you should state your email address and the problem you need help with. The managers will answer you from 9 am to 6 pm EST.

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The Competition

The main competitors of Mosaic Foods include GrubHub and DoorDash. GrubHub has a good shipping service. Most of the meals are delivered for free. In Mosaic, you will also enjoy quality customer support if the ordering process seems to be complicated. In addition, you can order the kit with several clicks.

DoorDash offers good discounts for its customers. The shipping is also easy, yet the products are difficult to store. Mosaic Foods meals can be stored for up to three months.

The Verdict

To sum up, the delivery is an excellent option for people who like plant-based ingredients. In the service, you will have organic ingredients. This lets you improve your health and develop your body. In addition, the service has a wide range of meal kits for your pleasure.


Is the Tracking Ever Wrong?

The service tries to provide quality delivery for each customer. However, as with any company, there can be wrong deliveries. In such cases, you will get help from the customer support managers. They can return your money or create a new order. If you are dissatisfied with the order, you will have a discount when you order the dishes next time.

Are Mosaic Foods Meals Healthy?

All the meals in the service are healthy and organic. There is a nutrition panel on the website. There, you can see the ingredients that the cooks use in the kits. The company has an aim of offering healthy products to make you fit. It offers special diets for people with health problems and vegetarians. There are no harmful or dangerous ingredients.

Does Mosaic Foods Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

Yes, there are a lot of discounts and promo codes in the service. You will get your first discount when you first enter the service. For example, you can make your first order with a discount of 15 dollars. To get it, create your first meal delivery. Then enter your zip code and email address in the form on the website. The managers will apply the coupons for the order.

Are Mosaic Foods Easy to Cancel?

The service lets the customers easily skip and cancel the subscription. You will not need to pay any fees when you do it. The company offers a flexible delivery schedule. When you subscribe for the delivery, you should not conclude a contract with the service.

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