Send a Meal Reviews, Prepared Foods and Gifts Delivered to Your Door

A myriad of deliveries exist to cater to particular clients. There is a huge focus on dietary preferences, as well as people who switch from meat to plant-based diets. When it comes to a jack of all trades that may resemble an online grocery with prepared foods for any liking, Send a Meal takes its turn. This Send a Meal review will uncover the basics concerning the prices, available menus, as well as comparison with two main alternatives in the industry. Let’s go reviewing!

Short Overview (Pros and Cons)

Send a Meal is a company where hundreds of chefs approved recipes come with no memberships and no commitments. You can have your order shipped and delivered straight to your door. The service strives to create dishes that won’t require any preparation, as well as minimum clean-up afterward. Send a Meal is a Colorado-based service, however, which has distribution facilities across the whole U.S. Regarding their partners, they supply foods and ingredients from such companies as Omaha Steaks, Jack Stack BBQ, Veestro, Magic, and Lobster Gram. Who may find it great? Send a Meal is a company that caters to lots of diet preferences, including Diabetic, Dairy-Free, Low-Fat, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Vegan, and Vegetarian plans. Then, it is a place with extreme savings. You can find nutritious combos under $40, etc.

Pros of Send a Meal:

  • You can order dishes as gifts aimed at one’s Birthday, New Baby, Sympathy, Get Well, Anniversary occasions, etc.;
  • Lots of prepared foods and combos that can fit one person ordering as well as family ordering;
  • Pretty affordable with huge portions;
  • Main dietary preferences are met;
  • No preparation and clean-up;
  • Delivering facilities across the whole U.S.;
  • Many certificates to buy.

Cons of Send a Meal:

  • Some orders do not come with free shipping;
  • You might find their website not very user-friendly regarding the menus.

Send a Meal main page


When it comes to Send a Meal meal kits review of menus and pricing, this is where clients may start experiencing first troubles. As was said above, their website is not fully user-friendly. It means that you come across many pages for bestsellers, combos, prepared dishes, and sides. Why did not they put it all under one menu and then filter that all? Nevertheless, you have what you have. Let’s start with the menus.

The Send a Meal menus start with Dishes as Gifts. Logically to assume, you choose a particular occasion such as Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, and pick either a certificate or prepared food. The examples are:

  • Chicken Ana Luisa;
  • Romantic Steak Dinner with Dessert.

Prepared Dishes menu is divided into categories including BBQ, Beef, Casseroles, Live Lobster, Pasta, Poultry, Pork, and Seafood. The most interesting category is most likely to be Live Lobster. You can order the following options:

  • Shore Clambake for Two;
  • Live Lobster dinner and Dessert.

Then, Send a Meal has the Best Sellers menu with options that are trending over the week or month. Based on September 2023, you can treat yourself with such Bestseller as:

  • Chicken Pot Pie;
  • Over Ready Sampler.

Combos are those dishes that are perfect for big portions, big companies, or as a family plan when you want to have a gathering with your family members. The delicacies involve:

  • Beef Casserole Combo;
  • No Preparation Italian Pasta Feast.

The menu under $40 features discounted items that are still pretty tasty. The examples are:

  • Southwest Chicken Casserole;
  • Chicken Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole.

Speaking of dietary preferences, you have the options from the Diabetic menu, Vegan Plant-Based menu, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian Menus. Some of the examples look the following:

  • Vegan Pizza Party;
  • Plant-based Casserole Sampler;
  • Gluten-free Sausages and Franks;
  • Pesto and Cheese Flatbread.

Finally, there are menus for Dishes for One, Sides, Soups, and Desserts. Now, how much is Send a Meal?

As you could acknowledge a variety of menus and dishes that come with each, you can expect the same variety when it comes to Send a Meal prices. For instance:

  • BBQ options may cost you from $189-$264 on average (fit for 8 and more servings);
  • Bestseller Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo may cost you $29.99 per one serving;
  • Combos like Family Ham Dinner are $235.99 for 8 servings;
  • Diabetic dishes for one $99.95;
  • Vegan Samplers for 5 days – $150.

Therefore, Send a Meal pricing is somehow decent, taking into consideration how many servings you get and from where those ingredients are supplied. Some orders do also come with free shipping, and you can overlook them in a separate menu.

How Send a Meal Works

Send a Meal greatly differs from other prepared food deliveries. They deliver to any location nationwide. Every dish is shipped frozen except for Live Lobsters. Everything you receive is extremely fast in eating because no preparation is required.

Send a Meal is a service that works with no subscriptions, membership fees, or monthly billing. You are charged only for what you order with them. You choose the menu, then combos or dishes for one, and specify where you want them to be delivered. Hence, it is like an online grocery rather than a subscription weekly service.

Send a Meal features

How Easy Are Send a Meal Meal Kits to Prepare?/Cooking Process

There are only chef-approved meals that are already prepared. You receive them frozen and need to reheat some using the microwave or oven. That’s it. Based on Send a Meal meal kits reviews and clients feedback, you do not need any preparation but eat everything within 2-3 minutes of time only. Such a cooking process is ideal for busy people. If needed, you can also refer to Send a Meal recipe cards for any instructions with microwaves and ovens.

Who Is Send a Meal Good For?

Let’s make it as short as possible. According to Send a Meal meal delivery reviews, the company is good for:

  • People who do not want to commit or pay monthly bills for subscription;
  • People who have lots of dietary preferences including vegan, and Vegetarian eating regimens;
  • Those who like to order combos for a family or friends;
  • Those who seek gifts, certificates for a special occasion to friends, colleagues, or relatives.

Who It isn’t Good For?

Similar to other companies, Send a Meal has some pitfalls which should be taken into consideration prior to ordering with them. It is not good for:

  • People who have Keto, Paleo cravings;
  • People who want to have all orders with free shipping;
  • Clients who want to have very affordable dishes.

Beyond that, Send a Meal meal reviews show that this company is not the best for those who seek organic food. Yes, they may feature some organic ingredients, but it is not their primary focus.

Send a Meal packaging and environmental friendliness/Handy and Reusable

There is no available information on their website about their environmental friendliness or handy and reusable approaches. Reviews of Send a Meal ensure to specify only that all your orders are delivered frozen with dry ice packages to keep everything fresh until it reaches your doors. If you plan to reuse their boxes or packages, you should ideally contact their customer support team for a follow-up on whether it is safe.

Changing and Canceling Order

Since it is not a subscription weekly delivery service, there are no commitments. You pay only for your current orders without monthly billing. If you want to make amendments to your order or add something else, you should contact Send a Meal representatives or modify the order via a personal account. The same concerns your canceling, just contact them directly or update it all via logging in to your personal account with the service.

Customer Service

To reach Send a Meal representatives, you can email them. Based on existing clients’ feedback and reviews for Send a Meal, they are very responsive and guide clients through the orders and other specialties when it comes to certificates and gifts. Since there is no FAQs page, you can receive additional information only via communication methods.

Send a Meal get started

The Competition/Alternatives

Let’s compare Send a Meal ratings with two of its main alternatives, Freshly and Blue Apron.

Delivery Service Send a Meal Freshly Blue Apron
Menus available Prepared foods, Dietician Specialties including Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetic options, Combos among others; Fresh Crafted Classics, Takeout Twists, Freshly Fit for losing weight among others; Signature, Vegetarian, Wellness, and Wine List;
Pricing Policy Send a Meal cost is from $99.95 up to $270 on average for combos; From $8.49 per serving; Starting from $8.99;
Shipping Free of charge for some orders only; Not free; Not free;
Delivery Nationwide; 48 states are covered; This meal delivery covers the Contiguous USA;
Customer Support Not available 24/7. 24/7 Live Chat. Not available 24/7.


Send a Meal meal service is a great option for people who do not want any commitments and monthly/weekly subscriptions. You should go for it if you do not mind paying more for high-quality ingredients supplied from big food chains. Then, this company is a real deal when it comes to gifts and certificates. You can order a healthy guilty pleasure for your friends who have just welcomed their first baby together, or you can find some delicacies for your romantic dinner with a partner. Send a Meal is the best delivery service for a La Carte shopping.


Does Send a Meal Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

The company has a designated menu with gifts and certificates to buy from. Otherwise, you can find Send a Meal promo code with other websites to cut the price on your first or second delivery with them.

Is Send a Meal Worth the Money?

Send a Meal food delivery is worth the money if you love big portions and combos for a group of people and family. It is pricey compared to other food delivery services, but the quality says it all.

Is Send a Meal Easy to Cancel?

There are no commitments, and subscriptions, hence, no need to worry about canceling healthy Send a Meal plans.

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